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DPA Debuts Its Smallest-Ever Mic Capsules

New 3mm capsules are now part of the d:screet lavalier and d:fine headset microphone lines.

Alleroed, Denmark (September 20, 2018)—DPA Microphones has announced its new d:screet Core 6060 and 6061 subminiature microphones and the d:fine Core 6066 subminiature headset microphone—all of which are are three millimeters in diameter, making them the company’s smallest capsules ever.

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Two millimeters smaller than DPA’s existing 4000 series of miniature microphone products, the new capsules reportedly have a lower noisefloor and can handle higher SPLs, according to the company.

In terms of technical specifications, all three 6000 series capsules are omnidirectional and have a frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. The d:screet 6060 lavalier has a noise floor of 24 dB(A), while the d:screet 6061 lavalier and d:fine 6066 headset have noise floors of 26 dB(A). This is similar to the company’s existing 4000 series miniature mics. All three capsules are available in black and beige, and more colors will be added at a later stage.

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The d:fine 6066 also has a completely redesigned, lightweight, one size fits all headset that attaches over the ears and has a spring mechanism to help it grip below the ears and to the side of the head for added security. With a fully adjustable boom, the headset has a redesigned cable attachment that allows the cable to run down the wearer’s back, so it can’t be seen.

DPA’s new Subminiature Microphones will officially be available in November.

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