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DPA d:fine Headworn Microphone Range

DPA has launched its brand new headworn microphone range, the d:fine headsets. Joining the classic DPA 4066 and 4088 headworn models and available in omnidirectional and directional versions, d:fine headsets feature earpieces made from a sprung material used to manufacture hearing aids, making them extremely comfortable to wear. The very fine spring automatically adjusts the headset to each wearer, ensuring that the earpiece stays in place by applying consistent pressure regardless of ear size. It can easily be taken on and off by the wearer, returning to its original shape each time.

The mics themselves use the same 5mm miniature capsules as the 4066 and 4088s but are now even smaller thanks to a new housing that precisely fits the capsule. The reduction in capsule size also allows smaller windshields to be used. 

DPA d:fine is delivered with different colored cable steer clips, allowing for quick recognition of a specific headset. It also allows cables run from in-ear devices to be fixed in the clip, making cables run neat. A neck cable clip attaches the cable to the cloth to relieve the cable draw. 

Price: TBA

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