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Drawmer SP2120 Speaker Protector

TransAudio Group has introduced the new Drawmer SP2120 Speaker Protector, a tamper-proof volume level management unit for installation in a wide variety of applications. Permitting front panel access only to key holders, the SP2120 provides strict level control to protect against loudspeaker and amplifier damage and additionally guarantees compliance with any local noise level restrictions.

A front panel security lock on the 1RU, two-channel unit allows the key-holder access to the meter and output level calibration preset controls. Insert the key to unlock the two preset controls, calibrate the 16-segment left/right input bargraphs to set the level at which protection processing is activated, then adjust the second preset to set the absolute maximum permitted SPL. Once the key is removed, the settings cannot be altered.

The unit, intended for insertion into the signal chain immediately prior to the amplifier stage of a sound system, combines multiple time constant circuitry and automatic gain control (AGC) that “together provide transparent maintenance of the specified volume level with no degradation in the sound quality,” offers TransAudio Group.

A Tamper-Proof Security Panel is optionally available that prevents removal of rear panel XLR connectors in order to bypass the protection afforded by the unit. It may be retrofitted to any SP2120 with a serial number of 0845 or higher. Optional isolation output transformers are also available.

Price: $875

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