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EastWest/Quantum Leap Rocktober 3 Pack HD — 50 Percent Off

EASTWEST has announced their Rocktober 3 PACK HD special. Customers can save 50 percent of the individual retail price of any eligible 3 EastWest/Quantum Leap virtual instruments until October 31, 2011. The standard edition of the Rocktober 3 Pack HD features some of EastWest’s latest products: Ministry of Rock 2, The Dark Side and Spaces Convolution Reverb. 

If customers already own one or more of the standard selection, they can change any or all of the three products and still get 50 percent off the retail price and they can add as many products as they wish at the same discount. Changes to the standard product selection may increase the overall price. The Rocktober 3 Pack HD includes free worldwide shipping and ships on Terapack 2 or customers can choose DVDs. All available selections are included on the 1TB hard drive, and those not purchased can be auditioned for 10 days each, the ultimate way to test drive the multiple EASTWEST/Quantum Leap collection.

Price: $599

Contact: East/West |