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Ehrlund EHR-H Handheld Mic Ships

The unique triangular membrane in Ehrlund’s studio mics is now ready for the stage.

Ventura, CA (May 9, 2018)—Swedish microphone manufacturer Ehrlund’s new EHR-H handheld condenser microphone is now shipping in the U.S. via its North American distributor, Momentum Audio Sales.

The EHR-H is a handheld condenser microphone intended for live performance, sporting the same unique triangular membrane found in the company’s studio microphones.

Innovations: Ehrlund EHR Microphone Line

According to Ehrlund, the triangular membrane dissipates resonances faster than a traditional round membrane, repotedly preventing the buildup of sound impulses that lead to murky sound.

Other specs include a frequency range of 7 Hz – 87 kHz; a dynamic range of 127 dB; and signal to noise at 85 dBA.

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The EHR-H is housed in a road-ready aircraft-grade aluminum body and a hardened, nickel-plated stainless-steel grill and windscreen.

MSRP for the Ehrlund EHR-H is $799 US.

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