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Electronaut M63 Two-Channel Microphone/Instrument Preamplifier

The Electronaut M63 is a “boutique-grade” two-channel microphone/instrument amplifier, built-to-order, at $3,333 street. Features include Lundahl amorphous-core transformers; 63 dB of gain; a slow-start, tube-rectified high-voltage power supply; custom shielded and potted toroidal power transformer; heavy duty (0.125 inch thick) printed circuit boards; phantom power with ramped start-stop action; locking phantom switch; two level controls per channel; illuminated Sifam VU meters; a 12AY7/12AU7/12X4 tube Complement; 20dB pad; Neutrik XLR and instrument connectors; new production Daka-Ware Knobs, made from the original dies; an optional custom case, and much more. 

Price: $3,600 list

Contact: Electronaut |