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Elysia Introduces Skulpter 500 Preamp

Built in Germany, the Skulpter preamp is currently shipping.

Nettetal, Germany (June 12, 2018)—Studio processor manufacturer Elysia has debuted its new Skulpter 500 preamp.

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According to the company, the Skulpter 500 features gain stages based on single resistors controlling a fully-discrete Class-A amplifier. A pair of variable saturation/filters and an intelligent one-knob compressor are on-hand to help provide additional coloration

The Skulpter 500 provides a balanced DI input with headroom of up to +19 dBu. Its gain range reportedly starts 3 dB, extending up to 65 dB; as a result, the unit does not include a pad circuit. The preamp offers a DC-coupled input stage without a coupling capacitor influencing the original signal.

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Built in Germany, the unit is constructed with gold-plated PCBs, a 4 mm aluminum front panel and solid aluminum knobs. Currently shipping, the Skulpter has a MSRP of $949.00.

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