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Elysia Xpressor Stereo Compressor: Now Shipping

German studio signal processing company Elysia is now shipping their new 19-inch rack-mount Xpressor stereo compressor. Based on their Xpressor 500 module for 500 Series-compatible chassis, the new Xpressor rack adds a side chain circuit along with a linear power supply and shielded toroidal transformer.

Its discrete circuitry runs in constant Class A mode, “designed to provide superior audio quality combining a clear and open sound with an amazingly flexible amount of punch,” offers Wave Distribution, Elysia’s US distributor. Many of the unique features in Elysia’s flagship products have been adopted by the Xpressor, including Auto Fast attack mode, switchable release characteristics, and Warm Mode. The Xpressor also provides a built-in side chain filter, Elysia’s gain reduction limiter and a mix control knob for onboard parallel compression.
The unit is ideal for stereo buss compression as well as processing individual signals and is an ideal tool for approaching dynamics processing in creative ways. 

Price: $1,499 list

Contact: Elysia |

Wave Distribution (US Distributor) |