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Eventide Audio Dives into iOS at Summer NAMM

Three iOS plug-ins and standalone apps for music and sound design are unveiled.

Nashville, TN (July 18, 2019)—At Summer NAMM in Nashville, Eventide Audio has released three new iOS music creation and live performance effects apps—Blackhole Reverb, UltraTap Delay, and MicroPitch for iPhone and iPad.

Blackhole Reverb is a reverberation effect for sound design and creating ambiance on instruments and vocals, while UltraTap Delay is a rhythmic audio effect for creating stylistic glitchy delays on drums, pads, vocals and guitars, while also featuring on-board modulation for all styles of music and performance. MicroPitch is a pitch-shifter capable of deep pitch dives, slap-backs and detuned delays.

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Derived from the original hardware versions of Eventide’s flagship studio processors and “Space” pedal, the original Blackhole Reverb was created as an abnormally large reverb. Blackhole Reverb for iOS offers more than 50 presets; musical effects for highlighting key instruments, settings for abstract spatial effects, drones, ambient washes and more; a “Gravity” control that inverts the reverb’s decay; and more.

With origins in the studio classic H3000, UltraTap Delay for iPhone and iPad is a multi-tap delay effect capable of rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs, comb-filtering and pad-like volume swells. It offers up to 64 taps to create simple repeats or morph delays into choruses and reverbs; control for speeding up or slowing down of the rhythmic spacing between taps using the Spread knob; onboard LFOs and envelopes to chop sound sources into stuttered rhythms; a “Slurm” control to smear taps together or modulate them to create unique reverbs and ‘mushy’ stutter effects; and more.

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MicroPitch’s roots can be found in Eventide’s H3000, H949 and H910 Harmonizer. MicroPitch for iOS allows musicians to mix in detuned and delayed versions of a signal. It features two voices of pitch shifting, one from unison to -50 cents, the other from unison to +50 cents, each with up to 2 seconds of delay; a classic stereo-spreading effect; slap back effects using longer delay times; Mod Depth and Rate controls for a chorusing effect on each voice; a feedback control to perform pitch dive or rise effects; and more.

All three are available now in the Apple App Store as standalone apps and as AUv3 plugins for use in iOS DAWs, ready for download. Blackhole Reverb is $19.99; UltraTap Delay is $14.99; and

MicroPitch is $9.99

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