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Eventide CrushStation for H9 Harmonizer

CrushStation brings overdrive effects to the H9.

Eventide has announced CrushStation, its new algorithm, for the H9 Harmonizer. The H9 is currently used by musicians for its delay, modulation, pitch and reverb effects, and its popularity is based, in part, on its flexibility. The new CrushStation algorithm brings overdrive effects—with results ranging from buttery saturation to crushing assault—to the H9 format. Control features include the usual suspects—Drive, Sustain and multi-band EQ plus control over features like Sag, Octaves and Grit.

“Some time ago, Vernon Reid of Living Colour stopped by to visit and inspired us to look into creating a distortion effect using the H9’s DSP power,” remarked Nalia Sanchez, director of Marketing Communications. “He pointed out that dirt was the only thing missing from H9’s bag of tricks. One of our lead developers and resident bassist, Russell Wedelich, took on the challenge. CrushStation is the result of that effort. Thanks, Vernon! Thanks, Russell!”

10 CrushStation presets are included:

1. Fra Diavolo (a spicy metal preset)
2. Bisque (smooth and creamy)
3. Sag Harbor (with heavy sag)
4. Bottom Feeder (chunky, with added low octave)
5. Jumbo Shrimp (a big little sound)
6. Scuttle Butter (thick blues)
7. PunkRock Lobster (lots of trouble)
8. Steamed in Beer (that amp’s gonna blow!)
9. Crawdaddy (1 1/2 oz. Vodka, 1 splash Soda Water, 5 oz. Lemonade)
10. Decapod Muff (a “Big” sound)

You can demo CrushStation and its presets by downloading the new version of the free H9 Control application to your PC, Mac or iOS device. CrushStation is available for purchase immediately via H9 Control and is priced at $19.99 for H9 and H9 Core and is free for the H9 Max.

See the demonstration video: