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FaitalPRO Debuts New Drivers

FaitalPRO has introduced new drivers to its Ferrite product range—the HF105, HF107 and FD371.

S. Donato Milanese, Italy (March 19, 2012)—FaitalPRO has introduced new drivers to its Ferrite product range—the HF105, HF107 and FD371.

The HF105 compression driver is designed for High frequencies, named HF105 with a 91mm total diameter, a 37mm voice coil, a Ketone polymer ring diaphragm and radial phase plug. Its weight, despite the use of a ferrite magnet assembly, is contained at 1.1 Kg, while it reportedly has an elevated efficiency capable of an average107 dB from 1.4 to 20 KHz. The minimum recommended crossover frequency is at 1.7 KHz, with a nominal power rating of 40 W and a maximum of 80W.

It is suited for medium and small sized two-way enclosures and in line arrays, coupled with a woofer less than 12”. The HF105 represents the ferrite version of the HF104 neodymium driver already on catalog and it is said to have similar mechanical and acoustic characteristics to the original version, while achieving a slightly different tonality through its ferrite magnet assembly.

The second new model in the high frequency range, the HF107 compression driver, measures 120mm in diameter. A final prototype version will be presented at the ProLight+Sound 2012, but it is already being put though the industrialization production process and will shortly afterwards be available on catalog.

It is a ferrite compression driver with a 44mm voice coil, a Ketone polymer ring diaphragm structure coupled with a single slot annular phase plug. The average efficiency level is at 109 dB from 800 Hz to 20KHz, the recommended minimum crossover frequency is at 1KHz and the nominal power at 70W with a maximum power of 140W. The HF107 is recommended in two-way applications or line arrays with a 12” / 15” woofer. Its weight is at 2.4 Kg.

The FD371 model is a Bullet Driver that comes with a frontal aluminum horn, so it can be used in sound enclosures right out of the box. Incorporating a ferrite magnet assembly, a 37mm voice coil, Ketone Polymer ring diaphragm, and horn loaded with central ogive it reportedly has an average efficiency of 107 dB on a frequency range from 2.5 to 20 KHz, with a minimum crossover frequency at 2.5 KHz. Nominal power rating is at 35W with a maximum power at 70W maximum, along with a nominal directivity of 40° conical. Weight is contained, despite using a ferrite magnet, to 1.2 Kg. The size of the frontal squared flange with rounded corners is 102 mm.