FMR Audio A.R.C. Dynamic Effects Pedal

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The A.R.C. (Articulation, Resonance and Clarity) Dynamic Effects Pedal brings the impressive bang-for-the-buck features pro audio types have come to expect from Austin-based FMR Audio to discriminating studio and live guitarists. The “stompbox” style unit offers four main features: a boost function that buffers and amplifies instrument signals to a higher level; a compressor that enhances instrument tone and dynamics; a DI for studio or live use; and a studio effect that can be used to process audio post-recording (in DAW/recorder playback). The A.R.C., built in Austin, comes with three controls: preamp gain (GAIN), amp output level (AMP) and drive control (DRIVE) alongside a variety of high-quality components (custom Perdy knobs, THAT Corp. 2181 VCAs, etc.). 

Price: $349

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