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Focusrite Forte Portable Audio Interface

Focusrite Forte is a premium two-input, four-output bus-powered USB 2.0 audio interface that works with Mac and PC. Featuring two remote control mic preamps as used in Focusrite’s RedNet range of professional audio interfaces and 24-bit/192kHz converters, Forte is centered around an OLED (Organic LED) based GUI indicating input and output signal levels, mic preamp gain and other useful information. 

A breakout cable with locking connector is used for microphone (XLR) and line/instrument (TRS) inputs, but balanced line and independent headphone outputs are provided on the unit itself; the breakout cable is not required for playback-only applications. In addition, mic and line-level inputs on the breakout cable are separate; all inputs can be connected simultaneously without having to re-patch when you switch from one to the other. 

An external power supply is included with the unit, but this is only necessary if phantom power operation is required; otherwise, Forte operates solely on USB power.

Stay tuned to the pages of Pro Audio Review for our upcoming full review of the Forte, appearing in the AES Convention-distributed October 2012 issue.

Price: $749 list

Contact: Focusrite |