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Focusrite Saffire Mix Control: Now Mac Lion OS Compatible

Focusrite now offers an update for Saffire Mix Control, the Mac and PC-compatible mixer software that comes free with all Saffire PRO and Liquid Saffire Firewire audio interfaces. The highlight of the release is compatibility with Mac OS v10.7 (Lion), the latest version of the Apple OS X operating system. Other updates include improved performance under Pro Tools 9 and a streamlining of the snapshot loading and saving process. There are also various bug fixes in the new version, confirms Focusrite. 

Saffire Mix Control is an application that provides Saffire PRO and Liquid Saffire users comprehensive control over their interface’s on-board DSP mixer. It also provides special control over the Liquid Saffire 56’s Liquid Mic preamps and for the Virtual Reference Monitoring (VRM) features of the Saffire PRO 24 DSP. 

Price: Free download

Contact: Focusrite |