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Fulcrum Acoustic Debuts CCX12 Line

Fulcrum Acoustic has unveiled a complete line of subcardioid coaxial loudspeakers.

Rochester, NY / Whitinsville, MA (March 12, 2018)—Fulcrum Acoustic has launched its new CCX12 line of 12-inch subcardioid coaxial loudspeakers.

While the original CCX1295 (90° x 45°) loudspeaker was announced last summer, it has now been joined by a full-fledge product line, expanded to offer various horn patterns. New models include the CCX1265 (60° x 45°), CCX1277 (75° x 75°), CCX1200 (100° x 100°) and CCX1226 (120° x 60°).

The CCX12 product family marks the first application of Fulcrum’s Passive Cardioid Technology in its TQ Install line of installation loudspeakers. CCX12 loudspeakers reportedly provide 9 dB of low frequency attenuation in the rear hemisphere without requiring additional cancellation drivers, amplifiers or signal processing channels.

View from the Top: Stephen Siegel, Fulcrum Acoustic

The speakers are suggested for use in foreground distributed systems, as well as for systems requiring targeted pattern control. Their trapezoidal shaped enclosures allow for mounting close to ceilings.

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“Unlike conventional loudspeakers that trade off low frequency (LF) directional control for compact enclosures, our Passive Cardioid Technology enables CCX12 loudspeakers to achieve unprecedented LF/HF control for products of their size,” said Fulcrum Acoustic co-founder and vice president of R&D David Gunness.

“Combining the benefits of this technology with Temporal Equalization (TQ), single-amplified CCX12 products deliver impressive LF directional control, improved intelligibility, enhanced sonic accuracy, and the output capability and pattern control of normal premium 2-way systems in considerably lighter and more compact enclosures than those with offset drivers.”

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