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Future Sonics Bows mg5pro Monitors

Future Sonics has debuted its mg5pro Ear Monitors.

Bristol, PA (December 20, 2011)—Future Sonics has debuted its mg5pro Ear Monitors.

The mg5pros are the first custom personal monitors to feature the company’s proprietary 10mm Dynamic Transducers. The monitors reportedly create a 10mm speaker capable of 20-20,000 Hz TrueTimbre response, sensitivity 110 dB at 30 Hz and 26 dB +/- ambient noise rejection.

“We are known for a studio reference sound, which, in a positive way, keeps us from creating an extensive product line with varying audio qualities just to meet price points,” states Marty Garcia, founder and CEO. “The idea behind our new mg5pro was to bridge the gap between our Atrio universal professional earphones and our flagship mg6pro Ear Monitors. In doing so, it gives us the ability to offer a competitively priced model for those professionals, musicians and audiophiles who want our audio signature within that price range.”

Future Sonics