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Buyers Guide Microphones

A list of microphone manufacturers

DPA SMK4061 Stereo
Microphone Kit
Features: Two DPA 4061 omni pattern mics; ships with magnetic, adhesive, boundary layer mounts.. Price: $995.
Contact: DPA Microphones at

Audio-Technica AT4047/SV
Features: Cardioid pattern; condenser element; dual-diaphragm; 10 dB pad; high-pass filter (80 Hz); ships with shockmount, carrying case.
Price: $745.
Contact: Audio-Technica at 330-686-2600

Features: Bidirectional pattern; Large Ribbon Geometry ribbon element.
Price: $1,100.
Contact: Audio Engineering Associates at 800-798-9127

Holophone H3-D 5.1
Features: Six mic “array”: five mics embedded in “head”/single LFE mic; 5.1 surround sound ; ships with cable.
Price: $1,695.
Contact: Holophone at 416-362-7790

Studio Projects
B1 Microphone
Features: Cardioid pattern; large diaphragm; high-pass filter (75Hz, 150 Hz); 10 dB, 20 dB pad; ships with elastic suspension, foam windscreen.
Price: $149.
Contact: Studio Projects/PMI at

Lawson Tube/FET Combo
Features: Modular system; L251 Quick Change capsule; L47MP MKII Quick Change capsule; FET and tube electronics.
Price: $3,400.
Contact: Lawson at 615-269-5542

Sony C-800G PAC
Features: Omni, cardioid patterns; large diaphragm; 6AU6A tube; ships with power supply.
Price: $9,500.
Contact: Sony at

Shure KSM9
Features: Cardioid, supercardioid patterns; condenser element; internal two-stage shockmount.
Price: $850.
Contact: Shure 847-600-2000

CharterOak Acoustic
Devices M900
Features: Modular – cardioid, hypercardioid, omni capsules; preamp body; condenser element; available as matched pairs; ships with flight case.
Price: $569
Contact: CharterOak Acoustic Devices at 860-698-9794

Superlux S241/U3
Features: Cardioid pattern; condenser element; 1/2-inch gold-evaporated diaphragm; 10 dB, 20 dB pad; low-cut filter (75 Hz, 150 Hz); ships with pop screen, foam windscreen. Price: $250.
Contact: Superlux/Avlex at

SE Electronics Gemini
Features: Cardioid pattern; dual triode tubes; ships with power supply, cable, shockmount, flight case.
Price: $1,499.
Contact: SE Electronics/Sonic Distribution at 617-623-5581

Heil Sound PR-40
Features: Cardioid pattern; aluminum diaphragm; dynamic element; internal sorbothane shockmount; internal shockmount; ships with metal mic mount.
Price: $209.
Contact: Heil Sound/TransAudio Group at 702-365-5155

Crowley & Tripp Naked Eye
Features: Figure 8 pattern; ribbon element; ships with wood box, mount.
Price: $745.
Contact: Crowley & Tripp Microphones at 508-231-4515

Nady TRM-6
Features: 2-micron aluminum ribbon element; 12AX7 tube; ships with shockmount, foam windscreen, carrying bag.
Price: $499.
Contact: Nady Systems at

Blue Woodpecker
Features: Figure 8 pattern; aluminum ribbon element; Class A; wood finish; ships with brass shockmount, wood box.
Price: $1,299.
Contact: Blue

Pearl DT40 Studio Tube Microphone
Features: Cardioid, omni, figure 8, hypercardioid, wide patterns; rectangular capsule; tube; ships with power supply, cable, shockmount, flight case.
Price: $3,623.
Contact: Pearl/Independent Audio at 207-773-2424

Neumann KMS 104
Features: Cardioid pattern; internal shockmount; condenser element; high-pass filter.
Price: $849.
Contact: Neumann at

Lauten Audio Horizon
Features: Tube; 10 dB, 20 dB pad; internal shockmount; ships with flight case.
Price: $799.
Contact: Lauten Audio/Summit Audio at 877-721-7018

Korby Audio Technologies KAT Blue
Features: Tube; ships with power supply, cable, mount, case.
Price: $3,500.
Contact: Korby Audio Technologies at 615-383-8797

T.H.E. Audio CR-5
Features: Cardioid pattern; condenser element; pencil-style.
Price: $358.
Contact: T.H.E. Audio at

Soundelux U99S
Features: Cardioid pattern; tube; condenser element; “normal,” “brite” settings.
Price: $3,250.
Contact: Soundelux/Transamerica Audio Group at 702-365-5155

Sennheiser Evolution 602 II
Features: Cardioid pattern; dynamic element; internal shockmount.
Price: $289.
Contact: Sennheiser at

Peavey Studio Pro M2
Features: Omni, cardioid, figure 8 patterns; gold-plated diaphragm; 10 dB pad; low-frequency rolloff; ships with carrying case.
Price: $499.
Contact: Peavey at

Electro-Voice Raven
Features: Cardioid pattern; dynamic element.
Price: $199.
Contact: Electro-Voice at

AKG Perception 400
Features: Cardioid, omni, figure 8 patterns; condenser element; 10 dB pad; high-pass filter; ships with shockmount, metal case.
Price: $559
Contact: AKG Acoustics US at

Crown 311A
Features: Headband-style mic; Differoid Technology.
Price: $524.
Contact: Crown at 574-294-8000

Azden SGM-1000
Features: Shotgun-style mic; roll-off filter; power switch; battery operable; ships with foam windscreen, shockmount adaptor, hot-shoe mount.
Price: $350.
Contact: Azden at

Marshall Electronics
Features: Cardioid pattern; 1” three-micron diaphragm; condenser element; 6072 tube; ships with power supply, shockmount, cable, foam windscreen.
Price: $700.
Contact: Marshall Electronics at

beyerdynamic MC 840
Features: Cardioid, hypercardioid, wide, omni, figure 8 patterns; large diaphragm; condenser element; 10 dB, 20 dB pad; high-pass filter (80 Hz, 160 Hz).
Price: $1,599.
Contact: beyerdynamic at 800-293-3288

SoundField ST350
Features: Four capsule array; multipattern (omni through figure 8); stereo, XY, M/S, mono, B formats; ships aluminum flight case, preamp/controller; mic stand adapter, cable.
Price: $5,900.
Contact: SoundField/TransAudio Group at 702-365-5155

Earthworks DrumKit
Features: Kit includes two TC25 mics (omni) and an SR25 mic (cardioid) for studio or three SR25s for live sound; ships with wood carrying case.
Price: $2,100.
Contact: Earthworks at 603-654-6427

Sanken CUW-180
Features: Dual cardioid; stereo, X-Y.
Price: $2,995.
Contact: Sanken/plus24 at 323-845-1171

Features: Omnidirectional, cardioid, figure 8 patterns; dual 1.1” diaphragms; pad; bass rolloff; Class A.
Price: $695.
Contact: ADK at 360-566-9400

Groove Tubes GT-44
Features: Cardioid pattern; condenser element; .75-inch evaporated gold six-micron diaphragm; 15 dB pad; GT6205 tube; ships with power supply, 25-foot cable, shockmount, hard mount, case.
Price: $699.
Contact: Groove Tubes at 818-361-4500

Telefunken North America ELA M 251
Features: Omni, cardioid, figure 8 patterns; condenser element; TK-12 (CK-12) capsule; choice of 6072 tube or Telefunken AC701 tube; ships with flight case, power supply, cable.
Price: $10,125.
Contact: Telefunken North America at 860-882-5919