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Contracting Amplifiers/Mixers

Buyer's Guide

FBT MA 5120TCD Zone Mixer

Features: 2 zones; 4 balanced mic ins w/ phantom power; digital tuner module; CD/MP3 module; 1 aux in; telephone in; pre-amp out; 120 W rms amp; 8 ohm; 25v/70v/100v outs; 2-band EQ; 2 chime tones; 2RU.

Price: TBA

Contact: FBT USA at 800-333-9383,

Lectrosonics DM84 DSP Matrix Mixer

Features: 8-input; 4-output with auto mixing; feedback suppression; filtering; delay, full matrix capability; phantom power mic inputs; front panel controls, LED channel indicators.

Price: $2,295

Contact: Lectrosonics at 800-821-1121,

Yorkville CA1T 70V Amp/Tuner

Features: 180 W (mono); drives 4-ohm load or four separate 70-volt systems; preamp output for aux amp, active subwoofer or A/V recording; multiple mic/source inputs; voice-activated paging from mic or telephone; XLR/TRS balanced combi-jack or attenuated RCA unbalanced inputs; AM/FM tuner.

Price: $419

Contact: Yorkville at 716-297-2920,

TOA Electronics A-9120DH Modular Matrix / Mixer Amplifier

Features: 2-Channel; 120 watts @ 70.7 volts per channel; dual-channel DSP; flexible output power; level control; mixer or matrix mode; telephone zone paging, automatic mic mixing, ambient noise level controls.

Price: $1,592

Contact: TOA Electronics at 800-733-7088,

Lab.gruppen C 20:8X Amplifier

Features: 8-channel; 250 W at 4 ohms, 70 V RMS individually selectable per channel or 500 W at 8 ohms in bridgeable channel pairs; user adjustable gain, voltage peak limiters; GPIO connections allow stand-alone control; NomadLink networking, remote monitoring.

Price: $2,845

Contact: Lab.gruppen at 818-468-8432,

Face Audio F100CS Zone Amp/Mixer

Features: Three models (100 – 300 W); two XLR, two 1/4-inch inputs; four zones with independent variable controls; push-button announcement chime; adjustable priority channel 1 mic ducking; barrier strip outputs.

Price: $635 (F100CS)

Contact: Contact Face Audio at 801-233-0740.

BEHRINGER ZMX8210 8-Channel, 3-Bus Zone Mixer

Features: Six mic/line inputs with gain, -20 dB pad, +48 V phantom power; two stereo line inputs; three output busses; 4-band master EQ; bus links and remote level control; channel muting with priority select; channel 1 automatic bus mute.

Price: TBD

Contact: Behringer at 425-672-0816,


Features: Four-channel digital powered mixer/router/amp; slots for two optional Sony wireless UWP series modular tuners; A/V interconnectivity.

Price: $1,700

Contact: Sony at 800-686-7669,

Rane MA 4 Multichannel Amp

Features: Four-channel; 100 W per channel; universal-voltage switching power supply; constant load power; built-in automatic redundancy switching; advanced dynamics, filters.

Price $1,399

Contact: Rane at 425-355-6000,

Architectural Acoustics PZS 140RA Mixer/Amplifier

Features: Four-zone, 35 W per zone; five input channels with EQ; automatic level-sensing mute; 70V, 25V, 8 ohm or 4 ohm loads; remote access via D4S flush-mount controller; balanced line output per zone.

Price: Established by contractor.

Contact: Architectural Acoustics at 601-483-5376,

Pragmatic SAA 224 Amp

Features: Two separate mono-blocks; 24 W per channel continuous; 60 W peak; high-efficiency; high clock frequency; very linear gain, phase characteristics; no ripple in pass band; very low change in distortion versus output power levels; 12 V DC power; 12 ounces.

Price: $374.99

Contact: Pragmatic Communication Systems at 408-735-0300,

Dynacord DRM4000 8×2 Matrix Audio Processor

Features: Eight input, two output; 4 mic/line channels; 4 aux; each input assignable to either, both outputs; mono, stereo; ducking priority controls; limiters; RS-485 link, RS-232 remote control options.

Price: $1,580

Contact: Dynacord at 952-884-4051,

Electro-Voice MA-1212 Mixer/Paging Amplifier

Features: 10 balanced mic or line inputs with 24 V phantom power; 2 aux stereo summing inputs; 120 W into 70/100 V or 4 ohm loads; balanced line level output for adding amps; 24 V powered operation for emergencies; telephone paging input.

Price: $580

Contact: Electro-Voice at 952-884-4051,

QSC CX168 8-Channel Amp

Features: 100 W per channel @ 8 ohms; bridgeable channels; DataPorts; PowerLight technology.

Price: $1,835

Contact: QSC at 714-754-6175,

Yamaha XM4080, XM4180 Amps

Features: Four-channel; 180 W @ 8 ohms (XM4180), 80 W @ 8 ohms (XM4080); stereo, parallel, bridged switchable; dB display; detented attenuators; protection circuits; XLR, Euro-block inputs.

Price: $899 (XM4080), $1,399 (XM4180)

Contact: Yamaha at 714-522-9011,