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Contracting Speakers

Buyer's Guide

FBT Jolly 5b Speaker

Features: Two-way; 5 1/4-inch woofer, 3/4-inch Mylar Dome tweeter; 90- x 90-degree dispersion; 80 W RMS; 16 ohms; 80 Hz – 20 kHz; 1/4-inch jack & terminal strip inputs; steel grille; on or in wall/ceiling mountable.

Price: $180

Contact: FBT USA at 800-333-9383,

Yorkville C165W Ceiling Speaker

Features: Coaxial 6.5-inch woofer, 3/4-inch titanium-coated tweeter; 70-volt taps at 7.5, 15, 30, 60-watt, 100-volt taps at 15, 30, 60-watts. Virtually any 70V amp or paging system, including the Coliseum CA1/CA1T, can drive.

Price: $85

Contact: Yorkville at 716-297-2920,

TOA Electronics F-122CU Ceiling Speaker

Features: 5-inch full-range driver; UL1480/2043-Listed; wide-dispersion 180-degrees; 30 W (xfmr)/120 W (8 ohms); optimized equalization E-03R, AC-120 units.

Price: $208

Contact: TOA Electronics at 800-733-7088,

Community CLOUD12 Ceiling Loudspeaker

Features: Two-way; 50 Hz – 16 kHz; 12-inch woofer, 1-inch compression driver; 200 W RMS; 500 W PGM; 8 ohm; 60- x 60- or 90- x 90-degree coverage; optional 70/100 volt autoformers with watt selection, bypass switch; Air Gap Technology; metal enclosure.

Prices: $548 (CLOUD12), $608 (CLOUD12-T)

Contact: Community at 610-876-3400,

ELECTRO-VOICE EVID 4.2 Surface Mount Speaker System

Features: Dual 4-inch woofers; 1-inch waveguide coupled titanium tweeter; 65 – 20,000 Hz; 115 dB SPL; 120-degrees horizontal, 80-degrees vertical coverage; spring terminal connections; full system protection; Strong-Arm Mount; transformer taps version available.

Price: $325

Contact: Electro-Voice at 952-736-4069,

Meyer Sound MM4-XP Miniature Loudspeaker

Features: Single 4-inch Meyer Sound cone; wide, flat frequency response; high output; very low distortion; flat phase response; self-powered, requires MPS-488 power supply.

Price: Contact manufacturer.

Contact: Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc. at 510-486-1166,

Martin Audio C6.8T Ceiling Series Speaker

Features: 6.5-inch bass driver; 0.8-inch dome tweeter; full-frequency; wide dispersion; compact, ported enclosure; smooth response up to 75 degrees off-axis, for low ceilings.

Price: $175

Contact: Martin Audio at 519-747-5853,

Tannoy CMS 801 DC Ceiling Monitor

Features: 8-inch Dual Concentric drivers; high power, sensitivity; extended frequency response; very low distortion; wide controlled constant directivity dispersion; tile rails, c-rings for easy installation; blind mount options.

Price: TBD

Contact: Tannoy USA at 303-339-0162,

Architectural Acoustics BY PEAVEY PHR 890

Features: 8-inch woofer with 1.2-inch VC, PP cone and rubber surround with a 3/4-inch soft-dome tweeter; high-impact polystyrene enclosure with a formed-steel back can; removable locking installation arms; conduit-capable clamp for wiring; 90 watts Thru Mode (70 V, 100 V capable); Transformer Taps 60 W, 30 W, 15 W and 7.5 W.

Price: TBD

Contact: Architectural Acoustic at 601-483-5376,

JBL Professional VLA301H High Output 3-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker

Features: Three-way; 2 x 1.5-inch woofers; 4 x 8-inch mid drivers; 6 x 1.5-inch exit tweeters; 30-degree horizontal dispersion; optimized for permanent install; rigging points for a line array configuration; advanced technology component transducers for low weight, high output.

Price: TBD

Contact: JBL at 800-852-5776,

EAW CIS400 Ceiling Loudspeaker

Features: Two-way; 6.5-inch woofer; 1-inch neodymium tweeter; waveguide integrates HF and LF driver; 70-/100-volt line transformer; power adjustable (40, 20, 10, 5 watt taps) via recessed front bezel rotary switch.

Price: $148

Contact: EAW at 425-892-6500,

QSC AD-CI52T, AD-CI52ST AcousticDesign Ceiling Speakers

Features: 5.25-inch fiberglass woofer; 1-inch titanium dome tweeter; wide, even dispersion; ported (AD-CI52T); weather-resistant; sealed (AD-CI52ST).

Price: $168

Contact: QSC at 714-754-6175,