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Installation Speakers Zone Products

Installation Speakers Architectural Acoustics WS 802T In-Wall Speaker Features: Two-way; 8-inch polypropylene woofer; 1-inch dome tweeter; ABS plastic frame; metal grille; 70V transformer; ships with mounting hardware. Contact: Architectural Acoustics/Peavey at 601-483-5376, . Electro-

Installation Speakers

Architectural Acoustics
WS 802T In-Wall Speaker
Features: Two-way; 8-inch polypropylene woofer; 1-inch dome tweeter; ABS plastic frame; metal grille; 70V transformer; ships with mounting hardware.
Contact: Architectural Acoustics/Peavey at

Electro-Voice EVID C8.2 Ceiling Speaker
Features: Two-way; 8-inch polypropylene cone woofer; 1-inch coaxially-mounted titanium-coated Mylar tweeter; 110 degree pattern; powder-coated steel grille; 70/100V or 8 ohm operation; ships with mounting hardware.
Price: $295.
Contact: Electro-Voice at 952-884-4051,

JBL Control 321C Ceiling Speaker
Features: Two-way; 12-inch Kevlar woofer with coaxially mounted 1-inch tweeter; ships with mounting hardware.
Price: starts at $395.
Contact: JBL at 800-852-5776,

Turbosound TCS-C50T
Ceiling Speaker
Features: Two-way; 180 degree pattern; 5-inch woofer; ferrofluid-cooled tweeter; 16 ohm or 70V/100V operation.
Price: $172.
Contact: Turbosound/Sennheiser USA at 860-434-9190,

Velodyne SC-IW In-Wall Subwoofer
Features: Two-piece design; vertical-firing woofer.
Price: $999.
Contact: Velodyne at

Community Cloud 6 Ceiling Speaker
Features: Two-way; 6-inch woofer with coaxially mounted .75-inch aluminum tweeter; Air Gap Technology cooling; 70V transformer; aluminum can.
Price: $165.
Contact: Community Loudspeakers at

SLS PRD8COM Ceiling Speaker
Features: Two-way; 8-inch Kevlar cone woofer; coaxially mounted NEO-3 PDR neodymium ribbon HF driver.
Price: $398.
Contact: SLS Loudspeakers
at 417-883-4549,

Yamaha Installation Series
Features: Three-way, two-way systems and subs; 18″, 15″ and 12″ woofers; Finnish birch cabinets woofer; 14-gauge steel grilles.
Price: starts at $700.
Contact: Yamaha at

QSC AD-CI52ST/CI52T Ceiling Speaker
Features: Two-way; 5.25-inch weather-resistant fiberglass cone woofer; 1-inch HF driver; 90-100 degree pattern; paintable trim; ships with mounting hardware.
Prices: AD-CI52ST (shallow can) – $168;
AD-CI52T – $152.
Contact: QSC at 800-854-4079,

TOA F-122CU Ceiling Speaker
Features: 5-inch full range driver; 180 degree pattern; paintable surface; compatible with 8/16 ohm, 70V, 25V systems; ships with mounting hardware.
Price: $204.
Contact: TOA Electronics at

OAP AS-122 Speaker
Features: Two-way; 12-inch woofer; 1-inch tweeter; steel internal skeleton.
Price: $1,150.
Contact: OAP Audio Products at 800-788-1627,

Sound Advance SA2C Flat Panel Speaker
Features: Full range Planar Diaphragm Technology 21-inch x 14-inch flat panel driver; taps at .5W, 1W, 2W, 4W, 8W, 16W, 32W; paintable surface.
Price: $600.
Contact: Sound Advance at 800-592-4644,

Matrix Audio Designs
C-Series Ceiling Speakers
Features: Two-way; 8″, 6.5″ woofers; coaxially mounted tweeters; optional remote control module.
Price: starts at $180 per pair.
Contact: Matrix Audio Designs at

Pro Acoustics SD4 Pro Omnidirectional Ceiling Speaker
Features: Four 6.5″ full range drivers; 360-degree pattern; polystyrene frame; fits standard 2′ x 4′ drop ceiling grid.
Price: $279.
Contact: Pro Acoustics at 254-698-4042,

Tannoy iw62 In-Wall Speaker
Features: Three-way; 6-inch Tannoy DualConcentric woofer; 6-inch mid/bass driver; Tannoy SuperTweeter HF driver; metal grille.
Price: $909.
Contact: Tannoy North America at 519-745-1158,

Zone Products

Sony SRP-X700P Digital
Powered Mixer
Features: Four microphone inputs; two mic/line inputs; two slots for wireless mic receivers; onboard wireless mic antenna divider; A/V switcher with HDTV-compatible video inputs; two-channel 150W @ 4 ohms digital amplifier; Sony Control-S protocol; USB port.
Price: $2,500.
Contact: Sony at 800-472-7669,

Rane MA 4 Multichannel Amplifier
Features: Four-channel; onboard dynamics; high-pass filters; optional 70/100V transformers; 100W per channel.
Price: $1,399.
Contact: Rane at 425-355-6000,

Architectural Acoustics PZS 140RA Multi-Zone Mixer/Amplifier
Features: Four-zone; five input channels; mic/line level controls, two-band EQ, zone assignment per input; threshold, paging controls; 48V phantom power; cooling fan; 35W output per zone; 25/70V or 4/8 ohm operation.
Contact: Architectural Acoustics/Peavey at 601-483-5376,

dbx ZonePro 640 Digital Zone Processor
Features: Four zone; gate, EQ, , dynamics, delay, AGC, de-esser, compressor, feedback suppression per channel; paging, ducking controls; crossover controls; Autowarmth; delay; parametric EQ.
Price: $1,299.
Contact: dbx at 801-568-7660,

Dynacord DRM 4000 Mixer/Router
Features: Eight audio inputs; two outputs; level controls per input channel; ducking priority controls; limiters; optional remote control.
Price: $1,500.
Contact: Dynacord/Telex at 952-884-4051,

QSC CX108V Amplifier
Features: Eight-channel; PowerWave switch mode power supply; QSControl DataPorts; clip limiters; 50 Hz/75 Hz high-pass filters; bridgeable channels; 100W @ 70V; DC, ultrasonic, infrasonic, short circuit, thermal protection.
Price: $1,760.
Contact: QSC at 800-854-4079,

Lectrosonics DM84 DSP Auto Matrix Mixer
Features: Eight inputs; four outputs; six filters and compressor per input; nine filters plus compressor/limiter per output; USB port; LecNet-compatible; linkable.
Price: $2,295.
Contact: Lectrosonics at 505-892-4501,

Intelix MZP Multi-zone Paging and Program Distribution System
Features: Modular system; up to 128 input channels and 128 output channels; trigger programming; ducking, paging controls; Ethernet port; PCMCIA slot.
Price: starts at $2,789.
Contact: Intelix at 866-462-8649,

Lab.gruppen C 20:8X Multichannel Amplifier
Features: Eight-channel; high-pass filter; Class D; twin variable-speed cooling fans; NomadLink; 250W per channel output; 70V/100V-compatible.
Price: $3,095.
Contact: Lab.gruppen/TC Electronic at
Australian Monitor ZRM4 Zone Routing Mixer
Features: Six inputs; four outputs; EQ, filter, phantom power; ducking/priority controls; onboard tome/chime generator.
Contact: Australian Monitor/Sennheiser at 860-434-9190,

TOA A-9120DH Matrix Mixer/Amplifier
Features: Modular system; eight input channels; two-channel output; level controls; DSP, mic preamp, telephone paging, ambient noise control modules; 120W @ 70V per channel.
Price: $1,516.
Contact: TOA Electronics at 800-733-7088,

Yamaha XH200 Amplifier
Features: Two-channel; variable-speed cooling fan; bridgeable; 200W per channel; 70V/100V-compatible.
Price: $899.
Contact: Yamaha at 714-522-9011,

Symetrix Zone Mix 760
Features: 12 inputs; six outputs; high-pass filter, parametric EQ, compressor, limiter, AGC, delay, feedback suppression; ducking controls; Ethernet port; remote control via PC.
Price: $1,499.
Contact: Symetrix at 425-778-7728,

Phonic America ZX4
Zone Mixer
Features: Four-zone; three stereo line inputs; one paging mic input; mic level control; two-band EQ; ducking control; emergency priority override.
Price: $219.
Contact: Phonic America at 800-430-7222,

Electro-Voice MA-1212 Mixer/Amplifier
Features: 12 mic/line inputs; level controls per input; 24V phantom power; telephone paging input; treble, bass controls; 120W amplifier.
Price: $580.
Contact: Electro-Voice at 952-884-4051,