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Live Sound Consoles

Buyer’s Guide

Crest CV-20

Features: 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 mono input configurations; four-band sweepable EQ and fully parametric mid-frequency control on each input; 12 aux masters; eight subgroups; 128 VCA assignment and 144 mute scenes with MIDI control.

Price: $15,695 – $30,125.

Contact: Crest Audio at 866-812-7378,

Peavey S32 Sanctuary Series

Features: 32 channels; automatic features such as Synchrosonic* delay-speaker setting and Automix* enable hands-free mixing; DSP; USB output; Mid-Morph EQ.

Price: $3,699.99

Contact: Peavey at 866-443-2333

Midas Verona

Features: 24 to 64 inputs; four-band EQ; 48V phantom power; phase reverse; high-pass filter; pan controls; inserts; PFL; 100 mm faders.

Price: starts at $14,043.33.

Contact: Midas at 952-884-4051,

Studer Vista 5

Features: Up to 240 channels; modular; 32- and 42-fader models; onboard DSP; 5.1 surround sound; Vistonics touchscreen controls; external I/O box and processor; compatible with Harman HiQnet routing system.

Price: $125,000 – $200,000.

Contact: Studer/Harman Pro North America at 818-920-3212,

Soundcraft Vi4 Digital Live Sound Console

Features: 48 inputs on 24 faders; Vi6 features/functionality with a smaller footprint; 27 output buses; FaderGlow LEDs; Vistonics II touchscreen user interface; compatible with Harman HiQnet routing system.

Price: $75,000.

Contact: Soundcraft/Harman Pro 818-920-3212,

Allen & Heath iLive

Features: 80-, 112-, 144- and 176-channel control surfaces; separate DSP mix rack; up to 64 inputs, 32 assignable mixes; 16 DCA groups; up to 10 eight-channel I/O cards in rack, four in surface; eight analog inputs/outputs; assignable surface strips; PAFL masters; MIDI controllers; LCD, touchscreen.

Price: starts at $49,999.

Contact: Allen & Heath at 818-597-7711,

FBT Formula 248 Mixer

Features: 24 or 32 x 8 bus; balanced XLR mic ins, plus stereo inputs with individual level controls; four-band EQ with dual mid sweeps, HF/LF shelving; eight aux sends; two stereo effects returns; mute; switchable 48V phantom power; 100 mm faders, PFL/AFL on all.

Price: TBA.

Contact: FBT USA, Inc. at 800-333-9383,


Features: 128 input channels; up to 144 outputs; 16 x 16 local inputs/outputs for inserts/sends; 72 inputs x 40 buses mixing; two monitor buses; DSP; 48 faders; 12” TFT screen; one-touch parameter access; separate rackmountable I/O box via Cat5, Fiber/Coax/Ethersound.

Price: starts at $60,000.

Contact: InnovaSON at 888-344-3375,

Yamaha M7CL

Features: 32, 48-channel; 96 kHz sample rate; 24-bit/96-kHz A/D-D/A; onboard digital effects; four-band parametric channel EQ; delay; graphic EQ; 100 mm faders; three mini-YGDAI expansion slots.

Price: starts at $19,999.

Contact: Yamaha at 714-522-9011,

APB-DynaSonics Spectra Series Analog Consoles

Features: 24 to 56 mono input channels; four stereo input channels; four-band EQ with variable high-pass filter; switchable HF/LF with 1-octave sweepable mids (Spectra C and Ci) or all bands sweepable including shelving/bell switches on HF/LF bands (Spectra T and Ti); TRS (Spectra C and Spectra T) or balanced sends and returns (Spectra Ci and Spectra Ti). Burr-Brown mic preamps, THAT VCA elements.

Price: start at $13,500 (Spectra C 24 P) and go up to $28,000 (Spectra Ti 56 P).

Contact: 973-785-1101,

Euphonix System 5-BP Digital Audio Mixing System

Features: 24 to 112 faders controlling up to 300 channels; Digital and analog I/O with remote mic preamps and fiber options available; designed for live broadcast or live-to-tape; also for audio post of performance recordings.

Price: starts at $200,000.

Contact: Euphonix Inc. 650-855-0400,

Yamaha LS9

Features: 32, 64 mono channel; 16 or 32 on-board mic preamps; onboard digital effects, EQ, dynamics; built-in MP3 recorder; MY card slots.

Price: $5,999 (32-channel), $10,999 (64-channel).

Contact: Yamaha at 714-522-9011,

DiGiCo D1 Live

Features: Up to 160 input channels; four-band parametric EQ; comp/limiter; gate; six effects banks; 5.1 surround sound; 38×8 output matrix; TFT touchscreens; LED meters; separate rackmounted I/O box.

Price: starts at $69,000.

Contact: DiGiCo at 310-326-5266,

Behringer Eurodesk MX9000

Features: 24 fully inline channels with MIC/LINE, MIX B/TAPE RETURN paths; eight group buses; stereo main bus; six aux sends; four-band EQ with two semi-parametric mid-frequency bands; 15 dB boost/attenuation; low-cut filter; two-band shelving EQ; pan, level controls; mute; LED meters.

Price: $1,629.99.

Contact: Behringer USA at 425-672-0816,

Digidesign VENUE D-Show

Features: Up to 96 input channels; 16 stereo effects returns; 27 buses; eight mono matrices; eight stereo matrices; onboard DSP; 24 assignable graphic EQs; external I/O box; rackmounted digital mix engine; compatible with Pro Tools DAWs.

Price: Call.

Contact: Digidesign at 650-731-6100,

Nady CMX-16A

Features: 16 channels; eight mono balanced (XLR, 1/4” TRS) inputs; eight balanced stereo (1/4” TRS) inputs; two aux sends, stereo aux returns; eight mono inserts; Master Mix, Control Room, Headphone Outputs; 60 mm faders; 10-segment LED meters.

Price: starts at $419.95.

Contact: Nady Systems at 510-652-2411,

Audient AZTEC Live Performance Console

Features: 32, 40, 48 or 56 input frames; L, C, R buses with individual trims on each output fader; 12 VCA sub-groups; eight audio sub-groups; eight mono, two stereo aux sends; 12×8 matrix; 4-band EQ with parametric mids, switchable bell/shelving HF/LF; mute.

Price: starts at $20,000.

Contact: Audient/Chris Walsh at 909-948-0997,

Cadac S-Digital Mixing Console

Features: From 72 input channels, 66 mix buses, three stereo listen buses; multiple operator/listen systems/control surfaces configurable; separate rachmounted I/O, processor racks; all I/O module hot swappable; propriety high-speed communications protocols linking core elements.

Price: starts at $380,000.

Contact: Cadac Electronics at +44-1582-404202,

Solid State Logic C100 HD-S

Features: 24, 32, 40, 48 and larger “slimline” frames; up to 256 DSP channels (with EQ, dynamics), 256 additional inputs on faders; 80 output buses; scalable I/O (MIC/LINE, analog, digital, MADI); TFT display channel monitoring/touchscreen; integrated workstation control option.

Price: starts at $250,000.

DiGiCo D5 Live

Features: Up to 96 full channels; 38×8 output matrix; 40 buses; permanently allocated DSP for EQ, dynamics and bussing; TFT touchscreens; LED meters; separate rackmounted I/O box; 24-bit AES/EBU; 56 2-bit channels MADI; 512 channel redundant optical loop.

Price: starts at $144,000.

Contact: DiGiCo at 310-326-5266,

ALTO Typhoon4800 Console

Features: 48 input with 40 mic preamps (48V Phantom Power, four-band parametric EQ w/ sweepable center), 8 Auxiliary sends and returns, 8 subgroups, talkback functions, inserts on every channel, weight-66 lbs., plywood flight case included. ALTO is a Yorkville Group Brand.

Price: $4,718.

Contact: Herb Venticinque, United States ALTO Brand Manager via email at or at 716-297-2920 ext. 32 for more info.

Carvin SL40

Features: Four-band EQ; 48V phantom power; low-cut filter; 100mm faders; inserts; eight auxes; PFL; LED meters.

Price: $2,999.

Contact: Carvin at 800-854-2235,

Alesis GigaMix 4CD

Features: Four-channel; three-band channel EQ; 48V phantom power; nine-band master graphic EQ; 100 preset digital effects; high-pass filter; onboard CD player; onboard 200 W amp.

Price: $549.

Contact: Alesis at 401-658-5760,

Studer Vista 5 SR Digital touring desk

Features: Studer-patented Vistonics technology offering encoders mounted directly in TFT screens; expandable I/O system for Studer D21m Series cards (including CobraNet and Aviom A-Net); MADI standard; preset configurations for FOH and monitor use; standalone Config Editor tool; expandable I/O system, where the whole range of available Studer D21m series I/O cards (including CobraNet and Aviom A-Net); MADI standard; compact, portable, and easy to set up.

Price: POA

Contact: Studer USA at 866.406.2349,