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Studio/Location Recorders

Buyer's Guide

iZ Technology RADAR V S-Nyquist Hard Disk Recorder

Features: 24-bit dual removable hard disk recording; over 110 GB storage; BWAV format; 24-channel AD/DA conversion @ 192 kHz sample rate; Adrenaline Plus card; Ethernet; DVD-RAM/DVD-R/CD-R drive; AES & SPDF two-channel digital I/O; optional 24-channel AES/TDIF/ADAT digital I/O; tape-style session controller, meterbridge.

Price: $19,995.

Contact: iZ Technology at 800-776-1356,

BOSS MICRO BR Digital Recorder

Features: SD Card (128 MB included); 4-track playback (32 V-Tracks); plays MP3; multi-effects; guitar input; Time-Stretch, Center Cancel; 293 rhythm patterns; tuner; microphone; USB.

Price: $319.

Contact: BOSS at 323-890-3700,

Zaxcom Deva 5.8 Hard Disk Recorder

Features: 10-track hard disk; DVD-RAM, flash media; eight software faders; eight analog mic/line inputs, 48V phantom power; eight digital inputs/outputs; 16-channel mixer; EQ, notch filter, compressor, delay on each channel; mix to disk or outputs pre- or post-fader; record to external FireWire drive; full metadata entry; integrated color touch-screen.

Price: $12,500.

Contact: Zaxcom at 973-835-5000,

Zoom HD16CD-Digital Multi-Track Recorder

Features: 80 GB hard disk; eight-track recording (160 V-takes), 16-track playback; eight balanced XLR & 1/4-inch phone combo inputs, phantom power; 16-bit/44.1-kHz linear PCM WAV; 100 effects; touch-sensitive percussion pads, over 500 drum sounds; CD-R/RW drive; control surface function for DAW; Steinberg Cubase LE bundled; sampler function; USB 2.0; level meters.

Price: $1,249.99.

Contact: Samson Technologies at 631-784-2200,

360 Systems Instant Reply2 (IR2)

Features: Hard disk; 16/24-bit, 44.1/48-kHz formats; WAV support; balanced +4 dBu, unbalanced -10 dBV I/O; Ethernet; instant access to 1,000 cuts; precise editing; illuminated buttons; name, number, length display; multiple playlists.

Price: $2,995.

Contact: 360 Systems at 818-991-0360,

BOSS BR-600 Digital Studio

Features: CompactFlash (128 MB included); eight tracks (64 V-Tracks); guitar/effects processor, vocal FX/pitch corrector; drum machine, velocity-sensitive pads; stereo microphone; battery powered; USB.

Price: $399.

Contact: BOSS at 323-890-3700,

HHB FlashMic Portable Recorder

Features: Microphone, 1 GB flash memory; Sennheiser capsule, condenser DRM85 or cardioid DRM85-C; records WAV linear, MP2; USB.

Price: $1,049 (both models).

Contact: HHB/Sennheiser at 860-434-9190,

iKEY Plus Professional USB Portable Live Recording Device

Features: Connectivity to supported USB 1.0/1.1/2.0 storage device; iPod compatible; WAV, MP3 to 320 kps; RCA inputs; microphone input, phantom power; built-in phono preamp; LED memory remaining, peak hold, overload, low-battery indicators; rechargeable, DC charger; VU meter; 1/8-inch headphone monitor; record volume control; reset button; two pounds.

Price: $249.99.

Contact: iKEY Audio at 732-346-0061,

Sound Devices, LLC 702T Portable Digital Recorder

Features: CompactFlash card; supports external FireWire drives; 24-bit/192-kHz sampling rates; two microphone preamps, 48V phantom power; MP2, MP3, FLAC, Broadcast Wave recording/playback; writes iXML metadata; LED meters; removable, rechargeable Li-ion batteries, DC power (10-18 V); less than 3 pounds.

Price: $2,775.

Contact: Sound Devices at 800-505-0625,

Sony XLR-1 Adapter

Features: Two balanced XLR inputs for PCM-D1 flash field recorder; switchable 48V phantom power; frequency range 20 – 50,000 Hz; bottom- or side-mounted (hardware supplied); 4 AA cells provide 40 hours power.

Price: $499.00.

Contact: Sony Professional Audio at 800-686-SONY,

Korg MR-1000 Tabletop Professional Mobile Recorder

Features: 40 GB hard disk; 1-bit/5.6 MHz; formats including DSDIFF, DSF, WSD, multi-bit PCM (BWF) up to 24 bit/192 kHz; USB 2.0; AudioGate conversion software; DC offset removal, gain control, fade in/out software tools; ultra low-impedance mic preamps; balanced XLR & 1/4-inch inputs, phantom power; limiting; XLR/RCA outputs; backlit LCD; AA cells, AC adaptor.

Price: $1,499.

Contact: Korg at 631-390-6500,

Edirol R-09 WAV/MP3 Recorder

Features: SD card (64 MB card included); 24-bit/48-kHz (or 44.1-kHz) uncompressed recording; up to 320 kbps MP3; high-grade stereo condenser microphone; mic/line inputs; USB 2.0.

Price: $450.

Contact: Roland 323-890-3700,

Marantz PMD570 Solid State Recorder

Features: CompactFlash; MP3, MP2, WAV, BWF compatibility; user-adjustable VBR 16 – 48 kHz sampling rates; RS-232 control port; EDL marking system; optional PMDEdit software.

Price: $1,099.99

Contact: D&M Professional at 630-741-0330,

Fostex FR-2LE Stereo Field Recorder

Features: Type II CompactFlash; 16/24 bit; up to 96 kHz sampling; BWF, MP3 (192 kbps stereo); stereo mics; two XLR mic inputs; two-second pre-rec buffer; Auto File Closing; ALC, HPF; USB 2.0; wired remote control.

Price: $799

Contact: Fostex at 973-394-0015,

BOSS BR-1200CD, BR-1600CD Digital Recorders

Features: Hard disk; 12- and 16-track recorders (192, 256 V-Tracks); CD-R/RW drive; XLR inputs, phantom power (two on BR-1200CD, eight on BR-1600CD); EZ Compose drum pattern creation; vocal harmony generator, pitch correction; COSM GT-6/6B-derived multi-effects/modeling; WAV export; USB; mastering kit, V-LINK, sequencer, MIDI sync (BR-1600CD only).

Prices: $1,049 (BR-1200CD), $1,499 (BR-1600CD)

Contact: BOSS at 323-890-3700,

Marantz CDR310 Profesional CD Recorder

Features: Uncompressed, MP3 formats; CD burner; mic pre-amps; XLR connectors; 48V phantom power; AA or rechargable cells; Background Record Mode; analog/S/PDIF inputs/outputs.

Price: $1,049

Contact: D&M Professional at 630-741-0330,