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Studio Consoles

Buyer’s Guide

API Vision Surround Mixing Console

FEATURES: 24 main, three stereo buses and a dedicated 5.1 bus; two 100 mm automated faders on each input, five-channel panning on each fader; comprehensive multi-format monitor facilities; re-settable switch assignment; API Legacy Series mic premaps, equalizers and dynamics modules; custom built to specification; five-year warranty on all parts.

CONTACT: API at 301-776-7879,


FEATURES: 24-channel; SSL G series compressor; SSL SuperAnalogue mic preamps; SSL Twin Curve four-band parametric EQ; 5.1 surround sound; compatible with DAWs; TFT touchscreens; VU meters; includes legs, Total Recall and AWSomation.

PRICE: $93,500.

CONTACT: Solid State Logic at 212-315-1111,


FEATURES: Post, live or broadcast architectures; 64 – 360 digital audio channels; 48 main buses, 16 aux. buses, eight control groups, four stereo program outputs; 16 – 56 motor-driven faders; 40-bit internal signal path; XEngine Native DSP with 32- or 64-bit floating point audio at 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz sampling rates; 8-Band Parametric EQ, dynamics with compressor, limiter and gate; TFT displays; IKIS technology; XRouter.

PRICE: $90,000 – $200,000.

CONTACT: Harrison at 615-641-7200,


FEATURES: 96-channel; 24-bit/96-kHz processing; onboard DSP effects; Virtual Circuitry Modeling simulates ‘70s analog; Interactive Spatial Sound Processing (iSSP); LCRS, 6.1 surround sound; joy stick; 100 mm motorized faders; LCD screen; SMPTE; word clock; linkable; Windows/Mac PC control software; I/O expansion slots.

PRICE: $19,500.

CONTACT: Yamaha at 714-522-9011,


FEATURES: Analog 8-bus with Mix B path; 10 auxes plus two stereo pair; 24/32-channel frames; 24-channel expander; four-band British EQ; ProMic preamps with 60 dB range; onboard computer; SMPTE timecode generator; 100 mm faders; machine control.

PRICE: Starts at $6,295.

CONTACT: Soundcraft USA at 818-920-3212,

STUDER Vista 5 Digital Mixing Console

FEATURES: Modular design; up to 240 channels; 24 bit/96 kHz; LCR, LCRS, 5.1 Studer Virtual Surround Panning; SCore Live DSP engine; Vistonic LCD screen control surfaces; 32 100 mm faders; talkback section; rackmountable I/O.

PRICE: Starts at $120,000.

CONTACT: Studer USA at 818-920-3212,


FEATURES: 96 analog channels; > 24 bit/192 kHz; Encore Plus automation; two motorized faders per channel strip, with fader starts and Overpress PFL; “Classic Neve” processing; enhanced spectral formant equalization; soft knee compression; 5.1 monitoring; 24-step precision volume; acoustically optimized frame.

CONTACT: AMS Neve at 425-454-9966,


FEATURES: 224 x 168 paths at 48 kHz; DF66 DSP SuperCore engine with 38 channels, scaleable to over 100; expandable System 5 surface design with 24 multiformat faders, 8 touch-sensitive knobs per channel; eMix (with optional joystick); TFT multi-format metering; Euphonix converter, digital surround monitoring; EuCon Hybrid protocol for controlling up to five DAW workstations.

PRICE: Starts at $150,000.

CONTACT: Euphonix at 212-889-6869,


FEATURES: 12 – 16 channels; compact and ergonomic; XDR2 Extended Dynamic Range mic preamps; independent EQ controls; ultraclean summing bus with extended headroom; built-in universal power supply; rugged steel chassis.

PRICE: $389.99 – $1,099.99.

CONTACT: Mackie at 800-258-6883,


FEATURES: 16-, 24-, 32-channel frames; Trident S20/4T Celebration channel mic preamp; Series 80B replica EQ; 8- aex sends; monitor bus; mono selector; analogue VU meters; optional meterbridge; talkback section; two-year warranty.

PRICE: Starts at $3,498.

CONTACT: Trident Audio at +44 1474-815-300,

TL AUDIO M1 Tubetracker

FEATURES: 8, 12 input channel frames; tube preamps; three-band EQ with sweepable mid/bypass; two aux sends per channel; effects return; alternate monitoring options; 100 mm K Series faders; stereo VU meters; optional 8-channel ADAT interface; 24-bit/96-kHz mix output option.

PRICE: Starts at $4,320.

CONTACT: TL Audio at +44 1462-492-090,

ALTO Typhoon4800

FEATURES: 48 inputs with 40 mic preamps (48V Phantom Power); inserts on every channel; four band parametric EQ with sweepable center; eight aux. sends/returns; eight subgroups; talkback functions; 66 pounds; includes plywood flight case.

PRICE: $4,718.

CONTACT: ALTO/The Yorkville Group at 716-297-2920 ext. 32,


FEATURES: 24 channels; Balanced Mic/Line Input path with invisible mic preamp, pad, inserts, four-band EQ with semiparametric midfrequency bands, 15 dB boost/attenuation plus low-cut filter, pan pot, solo and mute; Mix B/Tape Return path with two-band shelving EQ, pan, level and mute controls; six aux. sends; 100 mm faders; ULN circuitry; LED meters; external rack-mountable PSU.

PRICE: $1,629.99.

CONTACT: Behringer at 425-672-0816 or

CALREC Omega with Bluefin

FEATURES: 160 channels processing paths packaged as 48 stereo and 64 mono channels on one DSP card; up to 64 dual layer faders; 19.6 minutes audio delay; 8 x mono, stereo of 5.1 groups; additional VCA grouping; 2 x main stereo or 5.1 outputs; 20 auxes; 48 multitrack outputs.

CONTACT: Calrec at 917-825-3728 or

LOGITEK Artisan Console

FEATURES: Router-based for versatile operation and easy selection of sources to faders; modular design allowing 2 – 30 fader; two master mixes; eight submaster mixes; four aux. mixes; 24 mix-minus busses; one-button capture/recall of console layouts including EQ and dynamics settings.

PRICE: Under $60,000.

CONTACT: Logitek Electronic Systems at 800-231-5870 or