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Studio Monitors

Buyer’s Guide

ADAM Audio A7 Powered Monitor

Features: Two-way; 6.5” carbon fiber woofer; Accelerated Ribbon Technology tweeter; twin 50W amps; front panel detented volume control; EQ controls; tweeter control; RCA/XLR inputs; magnetic shielding.

Price: $999 per pair.

Contact: ADAM Audio USA at 818-991-3800,

Alesis M1Active 320 USB Powered Monitors

Features: Two-way; USB 1.1 audio interface, TRS, RCA,1/4” and 1/8” inputs; 3” lightweight, magnetically-shielded woofer; 1” silk dome tweeter; 80Hz to 20kHz frequency response; 10W per channel RMS; 16-bit, 44.1kHz or 48kHz sampling rate D/A conversion.

Price: $199 per pair.

Contact: Alesis at 401-658-5760,

Alto M4A Active Studio Monitor

Features: Two-way; two 4” woofers; 1” silk dome tweeter; bi-amplified with 30W HF amp and 60W LF amp; 112dB maximum SPL; shielded magnets.

Price: $219 each.

Contact: Alto/ART at 716-297-2920,

ATC SCM 300 ASL Pro Main Reference Monitors

Features: Three-way; twin 15” Super Linear woofers; 3” soft dome midrange driver; 34mm dome tweeter; four-way Class A monoblock amp delivering 275W LF, 200W midrange, and 100W HF power; 121dB continuous SPL; Grounded Source Topology; several finishes.

Price: $32,250 per pair.

Contact: ATC/TransAudio Group at 702-365-5155,

Avant Electronics AvantoneMixCubes

Features: 5.25” passive full-range 8 ohm paper cone driver; high-rigidity MDF cabinet/baffle for low resonance; radiused corners/edges for diffraction reduction; female mic stand mount in base; magnetically shielded; powered version available.

Price: $199 per pair.

Contact: Avant Electronics at 909-931-9061,

Bag End M-6 Time Align Loudspeaker System

Features: Two-way; 6” cone woofer; 1” coaxially mounted neodymium tweeter; equalizer filter @ 3.5kHz; five-way binding posts; 3/4” MDF; black textured paint finish enclosure.

Price: $2,130.

Contact: Bag End at 847-382-4550,

Behringer Truth B2030P High-Resolution Reference Monitor

Features: Two-way; 6 3/4” polypropylene diaphragm LF; ferrofluid-cooled tweeter; 75Hz to 21kHz frequency response; passive design.

Price: $189 per pair.

Contact: Behringer at 425-672-0816,

Blue Sky International EXO Stereo Monitoring System

Features: Two two-way satellites and one subwoofer; 3” woofer; 1” soft-dome tweeter for satellite; 8” woofer for sub; 35W amp per satellite; 90W amp subwoofer; desktop remote control/connection hub (XLR/TRS, RCA and 3.5mm mini jack inputs); headphone output jack.

Price: $399

Contact: Blue Sky International at 516-249-1399,

Digidesign RM1 Active Reference Monitors

Features: Two-way; 5.5” doped cone with cast alloy chassis; 1” fabric soft dome with ferrofluid cooling; 3kHz crossover frequency; 50Hz to 25kHz response; XLR analog and digital (AES/EBU) inputs; 24-bit/96kHz conversion rate; 111dB peak SPL at 1m.

Price: $2,498 per pair.

Contact: Digidesign at 650-731-6300,

Dynaudio Acoustics BM 6A MKII Powered Analog Monitor

Features: Two-way; 6.9” woofer; 1.1” soft dome tweeter; 100W LF amp; 50W HF amp; integrated positioning filters (LF/MF/HF shelving/notch); 60/80Hz high-pass filter; clip indicator LED; slow attack optical HF protection; balanced XLR input.

Price: $1,745 per pair

Contact: Dynaudio Acoustics/TC Electronic at 818-665-4900,

Equator Audio Research Q Series Monitor

Features: Two-way, Zero-Point Reference Coaxial transducers; 8” coaxial LF; 1” coaxial dome compression driver with resin-coated constant directivity horn; 38Hz to 22kHz frequency response; bi-amplified, 400W LF peak, 400W HF peak; 2kHz crossover; XLR, TRS balanced inputs and USB in/thru; DSP with 24-bit/96kHz processing; SRC secondary reflection correction system (optional).

Price: $1,500.

Contact: Equator Audio Research at 888-772-0087,

Event Electronics ASP8 Studio Precision 8 Monitor

Features: Two-way; 8” mineral-filled polypropylene cone with neodymium magnet; 1” ferrofluid-cooled soft dome tweeter; 35Hz to 20kHz, +/-3dB; bi-amplified with 200W LF amp, 80W HF amp; 2.6kHz crossover; balanced XLR and TRS input; continuously variable HF and LF trim; switchable 80Hz 2nd order HPF.

Price: $749 each.

Contact: Event Electronics at 805-566-7777,

Fostex PM-1 MKII Powered Monitor

Features: Two-way; bi-amplified, 120W total power; 25mm soft dome HF driver with Poly Urethane Film Laminated Cloth (LFLC) technology; 160mm LF woofer; input gain control.

Price: $499 per pair

Contact: Fostex at 310-329-2960,

Genelec 8240A Biamplified DSP Loudspeaker

Features: Two-way; 6.5” woofer; 3/4” tweeter; 90W LF amp; 90W HF amp; AES digital and XLR analog inputs; MDE cabinet; onboard calibration DSP with GLM software.

Price: $1,595 each.

Contact: Genelec USA at 508-652-0900,

Griffin Audio G1.5 Active In-Wall Monitor

Features: Three-way; 15” woofer; twin 9” midrange woofers; insoplanar ribbon tweeter; 500W LF amp; twin 250W mid/high frequency amps; DSP active controls; cabinet in choice of wood and finish.

Price: $19,900 per pair.

Contact: Griffin Audio USA at 914-248-7680,

Hot House PRM 165 Monitor

Features: Two-way; 6.5” long-throw woofer; 1” recessed soft dome tweeter; magnetic shielding.

Price: $1,399 per pair.

Contact: Hot House at 845-691-6077,

JBL LSR4328P Powered Monitor

Features: Two-way; 8” neodymium woofer; 1” neodymium tweeter; Linear Spatial Reference technology; 150W LF amp; 70W HF amp; boundary compensation settings; Room Mode Correction technology; HiQnet; wireless remote and Control Center software; magnetic shielding.

Price: $1,399 per pair.

Contact: JBL Professional at 800-852-5776,

Klein + Hummel 0300D Three-Way Active Studio Monitor

Features: Three-way; 8” woofer; 3” dome midrange driver; 1” titanium/fabric dome tweeter; triamplified; magnetic shielding; switchable transformer balanced analog/digital inputs; 40Hz to 20kHz; onboard EQ; 24-bit D/A converter; onboard 150W LF amp; dual 65W amps.

Price: $3,395 each.

Contact: Klein + Hummel/Sennheiser USA at 860-434-9190,

KRK Systems Rokit Generation 2 Series Powered Studio Monitors

Features: Two-way; 3 models with glass aramid 5”, 6” and 8” composite cone woofers; 1” neodymium soft dome tweeter; bi-amplified with active crossover; input gain control; radiused cabinet edges and curved front baffles; molded front-facing bass port.

Price: $149 to $249.

Contact: KRK Systems at 818-534-1500,

Lipinski Sound L-707

Features: Two-way; Twin 7” glass fiber woofers; 1” neodymium tweeter; time adjusted; magnetic shielding; 1” MDF cabinet; 56Hz to 20kHz.

Price: $2,495 each.

Contact: Lipinski Sound at 877-876-4844,

Mackie Designs HR824mk2 High-Resolution Studio Monitor

Features: Two-way; 8.75” woofer; 1” titanium ferrofluid-cooled tweeter; Optimized Waveguide; 150W LF amplifier; 100W HF amplifier; cast-aluminum Zero Edge Baffle; passive radiator extends bass to 35Hz; acoustic space, LF roll-off and HF controls; MoniMount ready; THX pm3 certified.

Price: $799 each.

Contact: Mackie Designs at 800-258-6883,

M-Audio EX66 Reference Monitor

Features: Two-way; twin 6” piston linear woofers; 1” titanium dome tweeter; Optimage II waveguide; onboard DSP; 24-bit/192kHz digital inputs; twin 100W amplifiers.

Price: $699 each.

Contact: M-Audio at 866-633-9050,

Meyer Sound HD-1 High Definition Audio Monitor

Features: Two-way; bi-amplified Class A/AB operation, 150W/75W; 8” cone LF driver; 1” soft dome tweeter; flat frequency response, +/- 1dB from 40 Hz to 20kHz; 120dB max SPL at 1m; XLR input.

Price: POA.

Contact: Meyer Sound at 510-486-1166,

NHT M-80 Xd Tracking Monitor

Features: Three-way; twin 8” magnesium cone woofers; twin 2” aluminum dome mids; one 1” aluminum dome tweeter; XdA DSP processor/amplifier plus ‘slave’ 250W XdB amp.

Price: $7,000 per pair.

Contact: NHT at 800-648-9993,

SAC Pro Audio Pump 8A Powered Direct Field Monitors

Features: Two-way; 8” mineral-filled polypropylene cone woofer; 1” ferrofluid-cooled soft dome tweeter; biamplified; 100W LF amp; 50W HF amp; front volume control; magnetic shielding; delay protection circuit.

Price: $529 per pair.

Contact: SAC Pro Audio/Kaysound at 514-633-8877,

Samson Resolv A6 Active Studio Reference Monitors

Features: Two-way; 6.5” woven carbon fiber woofer; 1.25” silk dome tweeter; active crossover; bi-amplified with 75W LF amp and 25W HF amp; 40Hz to 30kHz frequency response; four-position high-frequency lift control; XLR and TRS balanced inputs, RCA unbalanced inputs; solid MDF construction.

Price: $499 per pair.

Contact: Samson Technologies at 800-3-SAMSON,

SLS PS8R Powered Studio Monitor

Features: Two-way; 8” woofer; 5” planar ribbon HF driver; SLS/Evenstar Sigma-Delta 1-bit digital biamplification; 270W LF amp; 50W HF amp; balanced XLR inputs with volume control; 111 dB max calculated at 1m, continuous output.

Price: $1,570 each.

Contact: SLS Loudspeakers at 417-883-4549,

Tannoy Precision 8D

Features: Two-way; 8” Dual Concentric driver; concentrically mounted 1” titanium tweeter; 1” titanium SuperTweeter; Wideband technology; 120W LF amp; 60W HF amp; Active-Assist software.

Price: $1,029 each.

Contact: Tannoy North America at 519-745-1158,

Tapco S8 Active Studio Monitor

Features: Two-way; 8” woofer; 1” Waveguide-loaded silk dome tweeter; twin 60W amplifiers; LF boost, HF boost/cut controls; balanced TRS/XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs; magnetically shielded.

Price: $619 per pair.

Contact: Tapco at 877-TAPCO-69,

TASCAM VL-A Series Powered Monitors

Features: Two-way; bi-amplified 35W, 90W, or 140W design; 4”, 6” or 8” direct-radiating bass reflex woofers with port; 1” dome tweeter; magnetically shielded; optional subwoofer.

Price: $199 to $499

Contact: TASCAM at 323-726-0303,

Trident LS102A Powered Monitors

Features: Two-way; two 4” white-coned low-to-mid drivers; one 1” dome tweeter; magnetic shielding; 120W RMS; balanced input; input sensitivity adjustable from muted to +10dBV; 55Hz to 22kHz; sensitivity 85dB with a very low distortion rating; black vinyl cabinet.

Price: $1,960 per pair; $6,311 for 5.1 surround system with subwoofer.

Contact: Trident Audio Ltd. at 011 44 147 481 5300,

Yamaha MSP7 Professional Studio Monitor

Features: Two-way; 6.5” polypropylene cone woofer; 1” titanium dome tweeter; onboard 80W LF amp; onboard 50W HF amp; level, high trim, low trim controls; one-piece molded enclosure with rounded baffle; magnetic shielding.

Price: $699 each.

Contact: Yamaha Corporation Of America at 714-522-9000,