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Testing Equipment

Buyer’s Guide

Kaltman Creation HF4040 RF Spectrum Analyzer

Features: Scans 10 MHz – 4GHz for channel selection, RF interference/dead spot identification, more; 10 User programmable Hot Keys; Cursor zoom in and out functions; Logging in both Handheld or PC operation; LOG Periodic directional antenna, case, accessories.

Price: $1,400.

Contact: Kaltman Creations | 678-714-2000 |

Prism Sound dScope Series III Audio Analyzer

Features: Two-channel audio analyzer; analog, digital I/O; up to 192 kHz sampling; continuous time and FFT analysis; digital carrier analysis; automation functionality.
Price: $12,895.

Contact: Prism Sound | 973-983-9577 |

Logitek Ultra-VU Meter

Features: Ultra-high resolution with 63 LED bargraphs; 70 dB range; up to 96 kHz sampling rate; simultaneous loudness/PPM displays; peak/max hold; high-resolution fine mode; analog/digital/dual input models; 1RU or desktop versions.

Price: $1,080 – $2,300.

Contact: Logitek Audio | 800-231-5870 |

ACO Pacific 7052PH-Titanium Diaphragm ACOtron Mic System

Features: 4 Hz – 22 kHz; <20 dBA to >140 dBSPL; 18 – 48 Vdc phantom power; up to 5 Vrms output. (A $395 ICP1248 IEPE/ICP Industrial Interface allows accelerometers and other sensors to access Phantom Power.)

Price: $995.

Contact: ACO Pacific | 650-595-8588 |

AudioControl Iasys Audio Analyzer 3.0

Features: Fuzzy logic algorithms to interpret/provide sound system settings; 1/48th octave receive filters; signal generator with pink noise, sweep functions; automatic test functions; 128 non-volatile memory positions; large numeric real time SPL display; auto-ranging 1/3rd octave spectrum analyzer.

Price: $3,995.

Contact: AudioControl Industrial | 425-775-8461 |

Audio Precision APx500

Series Features: 8/16-channel audio analyzer for power amp, CD/DVD/MP3 R&D, production test, with multiple channels, Dolby/DTS confidence testing, multitone analyzer, input regulation and CEA-2006 & EIA/CEA-490-A measurements; coaxial (IEC60958/SPDIF), Toslink and AES/EBU digital I/O connector options; editable signal paths; supports AP SWR-2755; automation, dedicated noise measurement; frequency counter; DC level over time; API.

Contact: Audio Precision | 503-627-0832 |

Lectrosonics TM400 Test and Measurement Wireless System

Features: Receiver, transmitter for 24-bit, 88.2 kHz digital compander-free audio to measurement equipment including SIM, SIA SMAART Live, TEF; 256 synthesized UHF frequencies for tuning; low-noise RF front end, balanced XLR output receiver; microphones with XLR converted with selectable 5, 15, 48 volts, 100 mW long range power.

Price: $2,093.

Contact: Lectrosonics | 505-892-4501 |

NTI Digirator DR2

Features: Handheld digital audio generator; produces 24-bit/192-kHz 2-channel audio test signals; analyzes surround channel path transparency, I/O channel delay; sine wave & sine sweeps (stepped and continuous); white/pink noise, and polarity/delay test signals; Dolby D, D+, E, ProLogicII, DTS & DTS-HR; Syncs to Word Clock AES3, DARS and video.

Price: $1,850

Contact: NTI Americas Inc. | 503-684-7050 |