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Genelec Active Installation Series

Active In-Wall, Active On-Wall & Active In-Ceiling models are available.

At the recent InfoComm 2015 Show in Orlando, Genelec featured its line of discreet, low-profile active speaker products such as the AIW25 Active In-Wall Loudspeaker, the AIC25 Active In-Ceiling Loudspeaker, and the AIWS5041A Active In-Wall Subwoofer—all part of Genelec’s world-class architectural sound solutions. Both the AIW25 and the AIC25 feature matched, separate RAM2 remote amplifier modules with paintable metal enclosures.

Also available is Genelec’s Active On-Wall Speaker, the AOW312 (pictured), a three-way active model designed for medium to large commercial installations. Features include a 12-inch woofer, 5-inch midrange and one-inch tweeter with Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) technology; a 37 Hz-20 kHz (+/- 2.5 dB) frequency response; maximum peak SPL of ≥116 dB; dimensions of 59 1/16-inch x 15 3/4-inch x 6 7/8-inch (H x W x D, respectively).

The AIW25 is a two-way active speaker with five-inch bass driver and 3/4-inch metal dome treble driver equipped with Genelec’s DCW and a RAM2 remote amplifier module; RAM2 includes active crossover circuitry and separate, matched 40 Watt power amplifiers for the bass and treble drivers. Features include a 70 Hz-18 kHz (+/-2.5 dB) frequency response; maximum peak SPL of ≥100 dB; dimensions of 14 3/16-inch x 10 1/2-inch W x 4 3/32-inch (H x W x D, respectively). It will fit a standard 2- x 4-inch wall structure and can easily be retrofitted to existing construction. Appropriate applications include a main L-C-R array of a small home theater system, basic stereo configuration or surround channels.

The AIC25 is a two-way active loudspeaker with identical specs as the AIW25, only its dimensions vary: 11 3/16-inch x 6 3/16-inch (diameter and depth, respectively).

The AIWS5041A active in-wall subwoofer is comprised of a pair of 6 1/2-inch drivers and a tuned port; it can be mounted in any standard 16-inch stud bay. Using four independent mounting brackets, the enclosure is isolated from wall surfaces to eliminate vibration transmission. A protective cover shields the drivers from potential damage during the construction phase of a project. The AIWS5041A includes a rack-mountable 125 W RAM3 amplifier.