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GIK Acoustics Absorbers: Patented Proprietary Designs

242 Panels and 244 Bass Traps offer a unique two-frame system design.

GIK’s recently issued utility patent for the design and construction of their proprietary acoustic absorber line includes 242 Acoustic Panels, 244 Bass Traps with FlexRange Technology and Monster Bass Traps with FlexRange Technology. GIK Acoustics’ patented design begins with a two-frame system that allows low end frequency waves to be absorbed from the sides and back while its constructed frame maintains a rigid edge. “The design provides a built-in air gap which not only increases low end absorption, but allows the panel to hang truly flush on the wall using an integrated wire on the back,” notes GIK promotional materials. Further, GIK’s FlexRange Technology allows users to dictate the frequency range affected. Without a membrane, the 244 Bass Trap and Monster Bass Trap are broadband; with a membrane, even lower frequencies are absorbable while upper frequencies are absorbed less.

GIK Acoustics