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Globcon v1.0 Software Debuts

Following Beta testing, the global control software platform officially hits V1.

New York, NY (September 10, 2019)—Version 1.0 of globcon, a global control software platform for the management of professional entertainment production equipment, has been released.

Available now for Mac and PC (with Linux coming soon), globcon is a ”plug and play” solution enabling multiple users to simultaneously share the control of locally-connected devices via a standard Ethernet infrastructure.

DirectOut’s Prodigy.MC Adds Features

German pro audio manufacturer, DirectOut GmbH, was the first adopter of globcon and the complete DirectOut product portfolio is fully supported by globcon. In 2019, an increasing number of differing devices from multiple manufacturers is being added progressively. A public stable version of the software is now available for download at no cost, providing integrated control and management of any number of DirectOut devices via an Ethernet network, USB and MIDI ports.

Among other features, the software offers Snapshot Management that adds the ability to store and recall individual snapshots for each single device, and to connect them to Global Snapshots to allow settings and parameters in all controlled products to be changed simultaneously.

In addition to individual and global Snapshots, fader levels and mute buttons can be directly activated from the software or externally triggered by the Trigger Manager, which supports Keyboard, MIDI and OSC commands.

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globcon was conceived and designed from the end-user’s point of view to allow consistent and coherent control of multiple pieces of equipment from different brands as a single system. Using different discovery methods – including Ethernet, USB, MIDI, DO.Net and the new globcon bridge – devices can be readily connected and controlled by the software.

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