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Goby Labs Thingy Series

Goby Labs has unveiled their Thingy Series, which consists of the Goby Labs Guitar-hook Thingy and the Stand-top Thingy for iPad. The Goby Labs Guitar-hook Thingy enables users to attach a guitar hook to most tripod microphone stands. Featuring a patent-pending pole grip that forms a closed loop around most mic stands, the new Guitar-hook Thingy relies on the strength and leverage of the microphone stand in use. With the Guitar-hook Thingy, guitarists can hang their guitar to take a drink before the next song or use it to change guitars in the heat of performance.

Derived from Goby’s popular GBX-300 Tablet Frame for iPad, the new Stand-top Thingy features a compact stand adaptor instead of a pole grip. Designed to fit both US- and European-style microphone stands, it attaches the iPad directly to any microphone stand; it utilizes a thumb-release ball joint that enables precise placement of the iPad screen and is compatible with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPad tablets.

Price: $23.95 each

Contact: Goby Labs |