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Hal Leonard Brings the Noise

Hal Leonard Books has released a new title, "Less Noise, More Soul," that questions how modern technology has influenced and shaped the way we create and consume music today.

Montclair, NJ (February 14, 2013)-Hal Leonard Books has released a new title, Less Noise, More Soul, that questions how modern technology has influenced and shaped the way we create and consume music today.

In the book’s view, the digital revolution has enabled the creation and distribution of music in ways previously unimagined. Paradoxically, it has also made possible better and better recordings of less and less substance. Artists, engineers, and producers have begun to raise questions about the balance between the human undertaking that is the creation of music and the ever-more-antiseptic means by which it is translated into recordings.

Less Noise, More Soul: The Search for Balance in the Art, Technology, and Commerce of Music brings together original essays by a select group of industry professionals, many of them award winners, who share insight into where popular music has been, where it currently finds itself, and where it’s going.

The book is designed to be a portable vehicle for generating discussion, and intended for the office or the college classroom Less Noise, More Soul intends to enhance the understanding of music as a medium and a business for students, artists, producers, and other industry professionals. Contributors include Bob Ludwig, Adam Ayan, Kenny Aronoff, Lydia Hutchinson, and others.

For academics, this book reportedly provides relevant content for courses like Sound Recording Theory and Practice, Analysis of Recordings, Writing and Production in the Pop/Rock Idiom, Advanced Production for Writers, Sound Processing Application for Writers, Principles of Production for Musicians, Creative Production Skills, and more.

Author David Flitner holds a Ph.D from Tufts University and has been a consultant to the US Congress. He is the author of two previous books and has written on music and public affairs for numerous publications, from major newspapers to Billboard. He composes and records with the band Thinline.

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