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Harrison Debuts AVA De-Esser Plug-In

New plug-in centered around Harrison De-Esser algorithm.

Nashville, TN (June 12, 2018)—Harrison Consoles and Plugivery have launched the AVA De-Esser plug-in.

Intended for use in post and film facilities, the AVA De-Esser implements Harrison’s fourth-generation algorithm that is tuned to detect and eliminate harsh sibilance.

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The plug-in’s algorithm reportedly operates on harsh sibilance while ignoring other fricatives. It includes a Band Solos and Auto-Solo feature to help users dial-in the sibilant frequency range. The plug-in is capable of up to 12 dB reduction in sibilance, and adjustable Threshold and Depth allow fine control over the processor’s onset and strength.

The plug-in’s interface sports six control dimensions accessible in the main graph, and its gain-reduction meter appears on Pro Tools (AAX) and Studio One (VST3) mixer strip. Reportedly offering zero-latency, the plug-in is applicable for live use as well.

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Harrison Consoles is a developer of professional audio mixing consoles for international film and television production and Plugivery is a audio software and virtual Instrument distributor.

The plug-in is available today with a MSRP of $89.

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