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Harrison MixBus 2 Digital Audio Workstation

Among the engineering community, Harrison’s Mixbus has been one of the most talked-about DAW releases over the past several years. And, after spending some time with it, I can say it’s no wonder: Mixbus’ layout is based on Harrison’s renowned 32-series and MR-series consoles; it has built-in EQ, compression, analog tape saturation emulation and summing; and all of this DSP is built around the algorithms used in Harrison’s amazing-sounding large-format consoles.

Harrison Mixbus Version 2 was released a couple months back, and the DAW is currently available for Mac OSX (Intel or PPC Running 10.4, 10.5, or 10.6) and Linux (x86-32 or x86-64). A PC version is due for release any moment (hopefully, by the time you read this). With a price tag of only $219, not only does it sound amazing, it is one of the best values in our industry.

Mixbus offers unlimited tracks (the track count is only limited by the computer), and every track is stocked with Harrison’s EQ, Filter, Compressor and Bus sends. There are eight stereo mix busses each with tone control, compressor, tape saturation and a master bus with tone control, compressor, limiter, correlation meter and K-meter (the latter of which is a special meter designed by Bob Katz that indicates the average level of the stereo audio signal). The Mixbus environment offers full DAW feature implementation, making it perfect for recording, editing and mixing.

[Look for our full Mixbus review this fall by PAR senior contributor Russ Long. — Ed.]

Price: $219 (direct download from Harrison)
Contact: Harrison |