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HK Audio Bows SoundCaddy One

HK Audio has premiered its SoundCaddy One PA system.

Wendel, Germany (December 15, 2011)—HK Audio has premiered its SoundCaddy One PA system.

It reportedly provides the benefits of a line-array/woofer combo in a compact and portable format. Inside the SoundCaddy One are three 6-inch bass speakers, six 3 1/2-inch mid/high drivers, a 600-Watt Class-D amplifier and a complete 4-channel mixer. The system is completely self-contained and said to be suitable for both speech and music.

The SoundCaddy One can be moved into position on its built-in wheels. A push on its top releases the mid/high array, which rises from the cabinet on a pneumatic lift. Once adjusted to the desired height, it can be twisted to lock into place. The 19mm birch cabinet construction features cutaway handles, integrated wheels and protective skid guards. A protective cover is also included.

HK Audio