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Hosa Introduces CBT-500 Cable Tester

Hosa Technology has introduced its CBT-500 cable tester.

Buena Park, CA (May 24, 2012)—Hosa Technology has introduced its CBT-500 cable tester.

Designed to check a variety of cable types, the CBT-500 verifies the integrity of a cable before interconnecting equipment. The handheld unit is capable of testing the following cable terminations: XLR (3-pin and 5-pin), balanced and unbalanced phone (standard guitar-type cable), phono (RCA), speakON (with support for 2-pole, 4-pole and 8-pole connectors), DIN (multi-pin, including 5-pin DIN commonly used for MIDI equipment), Ethernet (RJ-45) and USB Type A to Type B (standard USB to the square USB connector found on most audio interfaces).

The CBT-500 is also equipped with removable leads—commonly referred to as test probes—to verify the continuity of additional connectors and jacks. It is constructed of metal to withstand field abuse and operates with a standard 9-volt battery (included). The device also provides a battery check function.

Hosa Technology