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Hosa Pro Interconnect Cables

Hosa Technology has introduced their new Pro Interconnect Cables featuring REAN connectors by Neutrik AG “at a midline price,” offers the company. They are available in all pro audio terminations, including XLR, quarter-inch TRS, quarter-inch TS, and RCA. All cable models utilize a zinc die-cast housing, a quadrangle design for better ergonomics, chuck-type strain relief for maximum cable retention, and rubber boot kink protection for prolonged cable life. Hosa Pro Interconnect cables feature 24 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors for enhanced signal clarity and a 90 percent OFC braided shield for effective EMI and RFI rejection.

Prices: $9.90-$120 (1.5 ft to 100 ft. lengths)

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