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Hosa Unveils CMM-800 Series Patch Cables

These unbalanced 3.5mm TS cables are available in multicolor sets, various lengths.

Buena Park, CA (December 15, 2015)—Hosa Technology has released its new CMM-800 Series unbalanced patch cables, packaged in sets of 8 multi-color cables and available in various lengths.

Featuring nickel-plated plugs ,CMM-800 Series Patch Cables have a purposefully slim design to allow them to fit in any patch panel without interfering with other cables or controls. The CMM-800 Series Unbalanced Patch Cables are available in 6-inch, 1-, 1.5-, and 3-foot lengths.

“The latest modular synthesizers have created a resurgence in electronic music creation and sound experimentation,” commented Jose Gonzalez, Hosa Technology’s product manager. “We’re confident the superior construction and compact housing design of the CMM-800 Unbalanced Patch Cables will make them vital solutions in modular synth setups and will aid in the creation of unique sounds.”

Hosa Technology