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IK Multimedia T-RackS Stealth Limiter

T-RackS, a mastering peak limiter plug-in, is available for $124.99 direct.

IK Multimedia has unveiled T-RackS Stealth Limiter, a new mastering peak limiter available now in the T-RackS Custom Shop, available for $124.99 direct. T-RackS Stealth Limiter is designed for the final peak limiting stage of the mastering process. According to IK Multimedia, the T-RackS Stealth Limiter’s transparent nature is in its inter-sample peak-limiting algorithm.

“This works differently than traditional mastering processes, which suppress spikes above the volume ceiling by employing hard limiters or clippers,” according to IK Multimedia. “These traditional processes are only able to ensure a stable digital level; they don’t guarantee undistorted playback once the music goes through conversion, which can create an analog waveform that exceeds the threshold and introduces unwanted distortion. T-RackS Stealth Limiter’s inter-sample peak limiting algorithm gets around this by predicting the converted analog waveform of the digital source. It ensures that the final converted audio will only very rarely exceed the set ceiling. The result? All the loudness, but without a perceptible loss in dynamic range. This is particularly useful considering that modern music is heard on different devices and services that utilize compressed formats like MP3 and AAC.”

IK Multimedia