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Io Audio Technologies Unwraps New XLR Cables

Io unveils three grades of cable aimed at audio professionals.

Dallas, TX (March 15, 2018)—Io Audio Technologies has introduced a family of 3-pin XLR cables available in three grades: Premium, Professional and Performance.

Available in standard lengths of 10, 25, 50 and 100 feet, thee cables are designed to provide EMI resistance for low noise performance in a variety of applications.

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Its top-shelf cable is the 24 AWG Premium 3-pin XLR, which uses a 4-conductor design and sports two braided shields for protection against EMI. The conductors are made of stranded oxygen-free copper and are silver-plated with an eye towards improved conductivity. The first braided shield is composed of pure oxygen-free copper while the second braided shield is composed of tinned copper. Io Audio Technologies cables also use foamed polyethylene for improved insulation and lower capacitance. Additionally, use of conductive PVC prevents additional noise from mechanical vibration.

The 23 AWG Professional 3-pin XLR is intended for use in typical audio applications. Designed to be flexible, this cable has two copper conductors with a braided copper shield, which allows the cable to maintain its shape while reportedly providing up to 97% coverage from EMI.

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The 24 AWG Performance 3-pin XLR is designed to be flexible and sports a PVC jacket to protect the conductors. Two copper conductors and a copper spiral shield promote flexibility while providing coverage against EMI.

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