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iZotope Launches New Dialogue Tool

Software aims to recreate environmental factors for consistency between production dialogue and ADR.

Cambridge, MA (November 7, 2019)—iZotope has launched Dialogue Match, a tool that can learn and match the sonic character of dialogue recordings. Intended for audio post-production, Dialogue Match combines machine learning from iZotope with reverb technology from Exponential Audio’s product line, which iZotope acquired earlier this year.

TASCAM Teams with iZotope for Recorder

According to the company, with Dialogue Match, users can analyze audio to extract a sonic profile, then apply the profile to any other dialogue track for environmental consistency in scene recordings, allowing them to complete the process of matching production dialogue to ADR more quickly. Tonal characteristics can be matched between a boom and a lavalier microphone, localized audio can automatically be matched to the original language, and global snapshots and reference profiles can be saved or loaded.

“Users who have tested Dialogue Match are telling us that it will change the way they approach dialogue editing forever,” said Mike Rozett, iZotope’s senior product manager. “We are very excited to collaborate with Exponential Audio founder Michael Carnes on this product and we’re both convinced that this technology will revolutionize the laborious process of getting continuity in dialogue.”

Dialogue Match features an EQ Module that leverages the EQ-matching mechanics of iZotope’s Ozone 9 to learn and match the tonal and spectral characteristics of dialogue. A Reverb Module uses new reverb-matching technology, powered by machine learning, to capture spatial reflections from one recording and apply them to another via Exponential Audio’s reverb engine. The Ambience Module analyzes the spectral noise profile of a recording and identifies and re-creates room tone

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