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JBL Pilot Program for VERTEC V5 DSP Presets

JBL Professional has launched the Pilot Program for its new VERTEC V5 DSP presets—software plug-in upgrades for VERTEC VT4889, VT4888, VT4880 and VT4880A models, designed to “dramatically enhance VERTEC system performance.” The V5 DSP presets leverage OMNIDRIVEHD linear phase FIR processing capability found in Crown I-Tech HD Series power amplifiers and JBL DrivePack DPDA input modules.

The VERTEC V5 DSP presets offer improvements in horizontal coverage thanks to the use of higher order, asymmetric filters, and improved sound quality via phase linearization. The presets also feature improved system response to equalization, better far-field summation and throw, and improved inter-array interaction/summation and stereo imaging.

As part of the VERTEC V5 Pilot Program, upcoming VERTEC V5 releases will progressively add support for additional VERTEC models including VT4887A, VT4887, VT4886 and VT4881A, VT4882, VT4883 subwoofers along with presets for cardioid subwoofer configurations. The V5 presets will eventually be incorporated into the new JBL HiQnet Performance Manager sound reinforcement system configuration and control software.

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