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JHAudio PRO Series In-Ear Monitors

The JHAudio now offers its PRO series custom-fit, in-ear audio monitors.

The JHAudio PRO series custom-fit, in-ear audio monitors “deliver the most accurate sound quality, greater clarity, more effective noise isolation and better comfort than any other in-ear audio monitors on the market,” offers the company. “The JHAudio PRO series leverages the company’s signature proprietary design to incorporate an unprecedented number of audio drivers in a small, comfortable device.”
Each model in the PRO series features JHAudio’s proprietary precision-balanced armatures and integrated three-way crossover “to reduce distortion and deliver more accurate sound quality.” Noise isolation of up to -26dB reduces background noise for greater sound clarity without increasing the volume. The three-way PRO series is available in four models, each custom-fit and tuned according to the customer’s unique ear shape and auditory anatomy for extreme comfort and superb sound:
1. JH|10X3 PRO offers a single low, mid and high range driver, a frequency response of 20Hz to 17Hz and retails for $799
2. JH|11 PRO features dual low drivers with a single mid and high range, frequency response of 10Hz to 17 Hz and retails for $850
3. JH|13 PRO is the world’s first-ever six-driver in-ear monitor that features dual low, mid and high range drivers on board, a frequency response of 10Hz to 20kHz and retails for $1,099
4. JH|16 PRO is the only 8 driver in-ear monitor on the market, featuring double dual lows, single dual mid and single dual high drivers, a 10Hz to 20 kHZ frequency response range and retails for $1,149.
Customers who order the devices visit a professional audiologist who takes an impression of their ear canal. The mold is then sent to JHAudio, which designs the shell piece to precisely match the mold for a truly custom fit. Shells are available in clear and 50+ other custom colors for an added personal touch.
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