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JLab Audio Debuts Talk Series USB Mics for Podcasting

JLab’s entry-level USB microphone line aims to reach podcasters, livestreamers, home recordists and others.

JLab's new Talk line of microphones includes three models(l-r) — the Talk Go, Talk and Talk Pro.
JLab’s new Talk line of microphones includes three models(l-r) — the Talk Go, Talk Pro and Talk.

San Diego, CA (April 29, 2020) — While best-known for its consumer earbuds and headphones, JLab Audio is expanding into the USB microphone market with the introduction of its Talk line of mics aimed at podcasters, streamers, home recordists and others. The line debuts with three models—the JLab Talk Go, Talk and Talk Pro.

All JLab Audio Talk microphones feature plug & play compatibility, 3.5 mm headphone jack for zero-latency, quick-mute button, 5/8″ mounting metal foldable stands and on-mic controls. In addition, each model comes with a USB / USB-C braided cable. The mics have a 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response and a 120 dB max SPL.

The Talk Go condenser mic is intended to be more portable, and is earmarked for calling, streaming and podcasting. It offers 96 k/24-bit recording and sports two 14 mm condensers, offering both cardioid and omni patterns.

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The Talk builds on that, including three condensers and four directional options—cardioid, omni, stereo and bi-directional—and the Talk Pro takes those specs and adds in a recording sample rate of 192 k.

“While we’re not abandoning our roots in audio, the Talk series shows that JLab’s ability to innovate can go well beyond what you hear, to what you say, and potentially, even further,” said JLab CEO Win Cramer.

The JLab Talk GO ($49), Talk ($99) and Talk Pro ($149 ) are all scheduled to ship in early May, 2020.

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