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Josephson Debuts C716 Mic

Josephson Engineering’s latest Series Seven microphone, the C716 has been introduced in the US.

New York (September 22, 2011)—Josephson Engineering’s latest Series Seven microphone, the C716 has been introduced in the US.

The C716 is a cardioid-only microphone intended for vocals and a range of studio instrument applications. The capsule uses dual symmetrical 5-micron gold metallized polyester diaphragms, and is the single cardioid version of the capsule used in the limited production 20th anniversary C720 microphone. The electronics use true balanced discrete class A topology with transformerless output for direct coupling to any modern microphone preamp. The internal optically-isolated power supply generates capsule polarization voltage from phantom power without the use of switchers or oscillators.

The microphone’s head grille is made of hard aluminum foam without bars, rings or other solid internal structure. According to Josephson, getting rid of such structures also eliminates many of the internal reflections that can cause microphones to sound harsh. The company says this approach “provides rugged protection and electrical shielding for the capsule while allowing direct access for sound.” On August 23, 2011 Josephson was awarded US patent 8,005,250 for this development. The metal foam grille was nominated for the 2010 Resolution Award and the 2011 TEC Award.

The microphone will be displayed at the upcoming Audio Engineering Society convention (booth 740) in New York. The microphone has been available through dealers in Europe since its debut at Musik Messe Frankfurt and is now stocked by US dealers as well.

Josephson Engineering