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JZ Microphones Michael Wagener Signature Microphone Kit (feat. BT-201 & BT-301)

JZ Microphones has introduced a special Michael Wagener signature microphone kit consisting of two microphones: a BT-201 small diaphragm cardioid condenser and a limited edition BT-301 medium diaphragm condenser. 

While tracking acoustic guitars on a recent project, the renowned producer/engineer/mixer used the BT 201 and BT 301 microphones with magical results. “I tried the BT-201/BT-301 combination on acoustic guitar and it was the best sound I’ve heard from any new mic,” he explains. The combination can be heard on all recent Michael Wagener productions, including the recent Lordi project where the kit was used for acoustic guitars as well as drum overheads. “The BT-301 is my go-to microphone for ride cymbal and the BT-201 sees a lot of use on hi-hat.”

The BT series was the second range to be released by JZ, following the Black Hole series microphones. The BT range is unique in many respects, including interchangeable, magnetically attached capsules, offering cardioid, open cardioid, padded open cardioid (-20dB) and omni capsules. The distinctively shaped BT-301 is a limited edition medium sized cardioid condenser, which boasts a low self noise spec (5.5 dBA). Both microphones are built to excel on instruments that benefit from a high frequency presence boost, making them ideal for string and percussion sections as well as acoustic guitar. 
Price: $1,899

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