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JZ Mics Ships Wagener Kit

JZ Microphones is shipping its Michael Wagener microphone kit.

Riga, Latvia (September 8, 2011)—JZ Microphones is shipping its Michael Wagener microphone kit—a combination of a BT-201 small diaphragm cardioid condenser and a limited-edition BT-301 medium diaphragm condenser.

Recording engineer Michael Wagener, noted for his work with Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen and Alice Cooper, among others, recently used the eponymous Kit for drum overheads and acoustic guitars when recording heavy metal band Lordi’s latest album.

Wagener isn’t the only one to put the Kit to use. Acoustic guitarist and JZ Microphones user Agustin Amigo has been using the Wagener Kit, and commented, “I use the combination BT301 and BT201 with great results on solo acoustic guitar. I like it best when pointing the 301 to the 14th fret, and the 201 to the bridge of my guitar. The recorded signal sounds so natural and does not require EQ. I love also how accurate the transients are captured by this pair.”

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