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Kaltman Creations Spectran HF4040 RF Spectrum Analyzer

Nothing interferes with work more than interference.

Fast Facts
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Kaltman Creations | 678-714-2000 | www.kaltmancreationsllc.comNothing interferes with work more than interference. The new Spectran HF4040 RF Spectrum Analyzer can play your wingman in the narrowing wireless bands and help you avoid those meddling megahertz and gleaning gigahertz. This low-cost handheld analyzer is the world’s first of its kind. It addresses Channel Selection, Interference Identification, RF System Monitoring, Testing and Exposure Limits. The HF4040 frequency range is from 10 MHz on up to 4 GHz, making it perfect for analyzing VHF, UHF and 2.4 GHz environments – finding peaks and zooming in on problems. It is a true RF analyzer, unlike scanners on the market that allow intermittent intrusion and slow scanning. The HF4040 is sold in a system package that includes an aluminum carrying case, SMA full range antenna, batteries & charger (charger doubles as an AC adaptor), PC software for enhanced visual monitoring, a HyperLOG 700 MHz – 2.5 GHz precision directional antenna (other directional antennas available), and a mini tri-pod stand. Kaltman Creations has pre-configured the HF4040’s 10 Hot Keys to address the more popular US RF bands: Wireless Microphone, Wi-Fi, Assisted Listening, Telco / Cellular, Intercom and Radio / TV Broadcast. The end user can also reprogram the Hot Keys as they see fit, plus manually set-up any frequency sweep range they wish. Trust the Spectran HF4040 to run interference on those important plays!