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Kaltman Ships RF Analyzer

Kaltman Creations is now shipping its Invisible Waves X RF analyzer.

Atlanta, GA (September 23, 2011)—Kaltman Creations is now shipping its Invisible Waves X RF analyzer.

The analyzer reportedly enhances its predecessor by adding a suite of controls. These include UFO Alert (Unidentified Frequency Objects) to warn of rogue interference, Click to Listen (listen in to all RF space) and RF Coordinator to identify usable open RF space.

Also included is the RF Congestion Scale to gauge the severity of local RF, and RF Level Alert to warn when any cataloged signals fall below assigned thresholds. Other new features are an RF Event/Alarm Recorder and Logger, and the ability to insta-save and recall custom profiles and screen images.

At the core of the IWx is an RF spectrum analyzer. When an interesting wave form (transmission) is detected, users can choose the Click to Listen function to aid in identifying the signal; then custom-name and catalog the signal into the Master Status Display for continued monitoring, including an RF Level Alert. The RF Event Recorder analyzes 24 hours or more of RF activity.

The IWx analyzers are sold as kits, which include AC adaptor/charger, multiple antennas and a USB-to-PC connection, all enclosed in a pre-configured, laptop-sized, high-impact carrying case. The analyzers also have sweep analysis display for simultaneous broad span sweeps and docking onscreen control panels.

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