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Keatona Custom Debuts KXA Audio Transformer 4-Pack Set

The set marks Keatona’s third product.

Las Vegas, NV (July 25, 2019)—Boutique pro-audio manufacturer Keatona Custom has unveiled its new KXA Audio Transformer 4-Pack Set.

The KXA is an analog audio interface with galvanic isolation, sporting combo 1/4″ and XLR3F connectors to provide interface isolation between balanced and unbalanced audio lines.

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According to Keatona, use of 1/4″ or XLR ‘Y’ adapters allows users to create a passive audio distribution system that requires no external power.

Frequency response; 20 Hz to 20 kHz, <1 dbu THD + Noise: <0.05% @ 1 kHz

Insertion loss (per transformer): 0.5 db Wattage: 0.5 W

Maximum Input Voltage: 5 Vrms Input | Output Impedance: 10 Kohms

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The set is available for $400.00.

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