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Kenton Ships Thru-12 MIDI Data Spreader

“From one to many” isn’t just a leadership paradigm; it’s the basis of Kenton Electronics’ Thru-12 unit.

London, UK (July 10, 2018)—Kenton Electronics is shipping its Thru-12, a MIDI Thru unit that acts as a central hub and data spreader, taking the data from a single MIDI Out and producing identical copies for its 12 MIDI Thru sockets.

Able to spread MIDI information from a single source to 12 devices, the unit can be used, for example, to allow a main keyboard to control up to a dozen synth modules.

MIDI-CI Makes Its Debut

Thru-12 sports a solid metal box with a brushed aluminum finish, and is based around a single opto-isolated MIDI In and a separate drive for each of the 12 MIDI Thru/Outs.

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Thru-12 works with all MIDI messages including Clock, SysEx and MTC. It also includes Schmitt trigger logic for signal quality restoration and reportedly creates less than one microsecond of latency. Power is provided by a wall wart adaptor into a single 2.1mm DC input.

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