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KLANG to Bow KOS 3.1 at InfoComm

3D IEM mixing system adds multiple features.

Las Vegas, NV (June 4, 2018)—Immersive IEM mixing system manufacturer KLANG:technologies will unveil the latest update of its KOS operating system at InfoComm this week.

KOS 3.1 adds a new MIDI translator tool, providing MCU (Mackie Control Universal) protocol integration, which will let engineers connect one or more MIDI MCU-compatible fader controllers to the company’s KLANG:app for tactile mix control.

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Intended for monitor engineers that want to dial into musicians’ mixes from a hardware-based controller, the new integration provides facilities for Mute and Solo buttons, Channel labels, Bank Select and Snapshot control, in addition to bi-directional fader control.

Previously, the only option KOS provided was a touchscreen-based workflow, but recognizing that some engineers prefer to rely on haptic faders in order to keep their eyes on their artists rather than a touchscreen, the MIDI MCU integration was implemented.

Other new features in KOS 3.1 include the ability to daisy-chain KLANG:fabrik and/or KLANG:vier devices, allowing engineers to move between various artists’ mixes within the cascade via the top mix bar, as well as create, save and recall snapshots and presets on all units in the setup simultaneously.

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Also of note, the available channel count when working with EQs activated has been increased, and all KLANG products are now compatible with Dante Domain Manager (DDM).

KOS 3.1 will be available from the KLANG:technologies website.

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